Recover teams admin after owner departure

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My former supervisor set up a 1p for teams account for us - and unfortunately is no longer with the company. It seems no one else was added as an owner.
WE all still have access to the vaults, but without the former team's owner, WE cannot add more vaults or users. Is there any way to recover access to ownership rights or the owner's account?
I should add that I have assumed his role and do have access to his email account (if it makes any difference)

1Password Version: 6.8.496
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: win / OSX
Sync Type: teams


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    Are any other users on the account setup as Admins? If so, and you can access the former supervisor's email account (it's pretty common to be able to do that after someone departs), then you should be able to initiate Recovery on the account and setup a new Master Password and Secret Key on that account. Once that's done you could promote another user account to be Owner.

    Does that sound possible in your case?


  • @rickfillion if anyone were an admin, it would be me - however, I don't think I am. Is there an easy way to tell?
    I have access to all the billing info, as well as all the shared vaults, etc and would be happy to coordinate with a member of your team in DM/email (so you can have it from our domain) if there is any way forward (I'm even happy to export all and start over, but I'm not sure I have the ability to export).

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    We can help you confirm that information but we’d need to do so via email, from the email account associated with your 1Password account. Please drop us a line to [email protected] and include a link to this thread as well as your forum username. When you do you’ll get an automated reply back from BitBot with a support ID. Please post that here so we can ‘connect the dots.’ :)



  • @Ben thank you! My bitbot ID is #CEE-17757-473

  • DanielPDanielP

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    Report received, thank you CH! I will get back to you via email since we are discussing private account information, so expect an email from me in a minute ;)

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