How to organize a lot of logins

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I work at a small web agency with a lot of small projects (about ~150 right now; most of them not actively developed). Each of these projects has at least 2 logins, some more than 10. Our current storing method for those is not nice so im checking if i can use 1password but i don't know how the right way to store those would be.
I don't think that 1 vault with some kind of naming scheme and/or tags would be nice over the long run since i'd also like to be able to share just some of the passwords with some coworkers. But the only consistent alternative would be 150 vaults which i highly doubt the interface was designed to handle.

Any suggestions? I haven't used 1password for long so i'm probably overlooking a lot of options.

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    I think a combination of vaults and tags might work here. Item sharing is done on vault level, you could group items based on how you plan to share them with the team members. However, even 150 vaults will be supported by the interface and, in most cases, you could just use the "All Vaults" view to see all items available to you.

    You mentioned that not all projects are active. At AgileBits we have thousands of passwords and some of them no longer used. We created the "Archive" vault and moved these passwords there. I also marked this and a few other vaults to prevent them from being shown in the apps:

  • roustemroustem AgileBits Founder

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    I also checked our team account stats. We currently have 84 vaults and over 9,000 items.

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