How to train team members on 1password

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Hi there. I am a longtime user of 1password and am happy to move my company from LastPass to 1password for Teams. I realize that since I've been using 1password for years, I may be blind to the struggles of new users. Do you have resources that I can use to help my teammates get up to speed? What do you recommend?

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ref: NQP-96431-295, p/6446


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    Welcome to the forum, @chansenpk! Always glad to talk to a "longtime user of 1Password." You early adopters are literally what has made 1Password the application and service it is today. So: thanks! :)

    I'm even more glad to hear you're trying to get your company moved over to 1Password Teams! It's a whole new world of flexibility and security for organizations. I did notice that you've been in touch with my colleague Sal regarding this, however. While you're always welcome to ask questions here in our forum, I don't want to wind up confusing either you or us by starting parallel conversations, so I've asked Sal to get back in touch with you tomorrow (she's on London time). She'll be happy to assist you with the resources you need. If you need anything before then, just let us know. Cheers! :)

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