Google Invisible Captcha IP block triggered by 1PW autofill?

Hi Team Agilebits,

I hope you are doing great today!

I wanted to see if you guys can help me. I tried to log into a site which is important for my work. I used 1PW to log in and at first I must have triggered the wrong account info, I can't tell, but my IP is blocked. Is it because 1PW filled it out quickly and it thought it was a bot? In the meantime I have disabled the autofill on that particular url. Please let me know your thoughts. I will try to log back into that account in a couple of hours (advised by their support staff). I'm using Chrome.

Thanks guys!


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  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @Adama_1pw - what a nice greeting! I hope you're doing great as well. :)

    That's...odd -- when you say "my 1Password is blocked," how do you know? What steps did you take (or did you observe the site taking) that leads you to that conclusion? Have you tried using another browser to sign into the same site? And are you willing to share the site URL here in public? If not, you can email us privately at [email protected] and we can continue this conversation via email.

  • @Lars thank you so much for getting back to me :)

    I apologise if I didn't explain my situation clearly. Using '1PW' and 'IP' can be confusing if I don't explain, so sorry!

    My 1Password is not blocked at all. What I meant was 'my IP is blocked', meaning my IP address. I was told by Convertkit that the Google Invisible Captcha blocked my IP address. It's definitely think it is my IP. I tried two browsers, incognito, and other devices. I get captcha errors on all devices. The site url I'm trying to log in to is I suspect that the fast log in from 1Password triggered this as if a bot was trying to log in. I am waiting another hour before I can log back in again. Convertkit advised me to wait for 2 hours.

    Thanks again @Lars!

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @Adama_1pw -- I'm so sorry; it's my mistake. I'm so used to reading 1P as "1Password" that I just didn't look closely enough to see that you actually typed "IP" as in IP address.

    As you already know, 1Password cannot assist you with Captchas; you have to fill those out yourself. For my own sites that require Captchas, I tend to edit the Login records in 1Password to change the Submit field to "Never submit." Beyond that, I would have to suspect your assumption is correct regarding the server's actions: it sounds as if you were temporarily (though hopefully not permanently) blacklisted for "suspicious activity."

    Although...I just tried to sign into ConvertKit with "dummy" information, and the login page at did not even offer me a Catpcha -- I was allowed to autofill my (bogus) credentials multiple times in fairly rapid succession, and although I got their "warning: invalid email or password" pop-up each time, even after four or five attempts it did not force me to answer a captcha. That makes me wonder whether 1Password was never the issue to begin with. I used both Chrome with 1Password X as well as Firefox. Are you using any sort of unusual proxy software or TOR or anything of the sort?

  • @Lars thank you for your great reply.

    I also didn't see any offer to enter a Captcha, so therefore I got quite confused! Thank you so much for giving the URL a thorough work over, that was ever so good of you. I'm not using anything unusual at all, I'm just your regular browser, surfer, user experience :)

    I set the site to 'Never submit' in order to avoid this for future log in attempts.

    BTW, I got into my account just now, so that's good news!

    Thanks again, I really love you guys! You're the best :)


  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @Adama_1pw -- that's a relief! I'm glad to hear you're able to get back into your account. Let us know if you have further troubles, and have a great rest of your week. :)

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