how can you help me when i can't even talk with you and u tell me my writing is to long??

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After downloading 1password to my i mac, I've been trying to sign in on my I MAC using all correct data I keep getting back try this "hint" for my key password and that does not make any sense I also get this "account should start with this" "885" ?? and it gives me a start to a master key. Use my master key on my I pad and my sign in and that does not work either.

How do you speak with someone or how do I get my money back???

Ron Blash
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Referrer: forum-search:u guys are control freaks how do i get my money back this has been very difficult for me!!!!


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    @ronblash - I'm not quite sure what you're referring to, but I can't imagine anyone here has told you that your "writing is too long." We don't offer telephone support for 1Password, but we're always here at the forum or via email at [email protected] to help out with your questions or issues you might be having with 1Password.

    So, how can I help? It sounds like your Master Password is not being accepted, is that the case? You didn't provide us with any information about your 1Password setup: are you using Windows? Mac? Something else? What version of your OS are you running, and what version of 1Password? Thanks in advance for the clarification.

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    After downloading 1 password to my i mac, I've been trying to sign in on my I MAC using all correct data I keep getting back try this "hint" for my key password and that does not make any sense I also get this "account should start with this" "885" ?? and it gives me a start to a master key. Use my master key on my I pad and my sign in and that does not work either.

    I originally signed up using my I pad sometime in December 2017 or very early Jan. After retiring home I sat down with my Master key and my password in an attempt to sign ou pn my I Mac using my issued "KEY " password and my original personal password. I was not successful? At first i would get a message back your "KEY" password begins with this. And it gave me the first 5 or 7 letters and numbers of some password. I had no clue what they wee trying to tell me. Then today attempting again with my master "KEY" word is gives me a hime with an arrow pointing to a certain area of my "KEY" password "885" Im still confused. so I keep trying and watching the box shake. meaning incorrect, Then I get a message to click here or something like that so everything would be erased off this, my I mac computer, and I could start over. I then went to my I pad where I have some vaults set up in my original set up and attempt to sign in there "NO JOY" I now can't get into my I Pad 1Password. I believe I am using 1Password 6?

    But I am thoroughly confused and I generally not confused???@ronblash

    Oh by the w, on my first attempt to inquire on the blog I received a msg that my note was to long some how i resolved that and moved on but was somewhat frustrated

    MAC V10.11.6 on my I MAC
    and the latest update on my I pad pro V11.2.6

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    @ronblash - thanks for the clarification. We do set limits on total characters for blog posts; that's mostly to prevent spam postings. However, those limits usually aren't reached unless you include a lengthy log file or other large chunk of text along with your post. My apologies you bumped up against that limit.

    It sounds to me as if you may have been previously using 1Password as a standalone app with local data, and then somewhat recently signed up for and begun using a account as well. Could that be the case? If you previously had local 1Password data (i.e. on your own computer, not on the servers), then that data would have had whatever Master Password you gave it when you first began. That Master Password may or may not have been the same one you used when you signed up for A account requires two pieces of information to sign in for the first time: the Master Password AND the Secret Key -- which is a random string of letters and numbers beginning with something like A3-6C4C6Z. If that's what you're having troubles with, do you have the Emergency Kit from when you first set up the account? That will have your Secret Key on it (though you'll still need to remember your Master Password).

    You can try signing in as many times as you like if you have forgotten your Master Password; you won't be "locked" after a certain number of tries. But if you can't remember your Master Password or you don't have your Secret Key then you will not be able to access your data, and you will need to Start Over.

    Can you let us know: were you previously using 1Password as a standalone application? Or have you just been using a account instead for a short while?

  • Thinking back I did sign up for 1Password some time ago 2016 or 17 for a free trial and then did not use it. I resigned up in late DEC 2017 or early Jan 2018 there was a 30 day window for free etc. I used my e mail address for the former sign up and the latter sign up. I currently have my "SECRET Key Word and my personal 1password which i received in Dec or Jan . I tried using it again last night on my I pad pro - the iPad is what I used in Dec or early Jan to resign up with - and I was able to get into my vaults on the iPad. However my goal is to get it on my I mac computer and on my wife's I mac if possible? I do NOT have the Emergency kit.

    I went in to mu I mac and found an original sign up for 1password version 4-? and I used APP Zapper to get rid of it but I am still having the same problem on my I mac??


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    @ronblash - At this point, to get a better idea of what's up with your specific setup, I'd like to ask you to create some diagnostics reports, one from each of your devices.



    Please add the following code (including the square brackets) to the Subject line of your diagnostics email before sending it:


    This will link your diagnostics to our current discussion. We'll take a look and let you know what we find out.

    For anyone else reading, please note: this ID is for @ronblash only. If you’re experiencing the same issue and need help, please ask us for your own ID.

    ref: PEZ-89538-329

  • Thanks Lars I will attempt to get to doing the diagnostic this weekend. Ron

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    Sounds good :+1: We'll talk to you soon!

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