My account is frozen in both iOS & mac, but I have an active iTunes monthly subscription.

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I had an active itunes subscription, but since I don't have a credit card linked to itunes, my payment failed and my account got frozen. Now I have my paypal linked to my itunes, and payment is back on track (since 1,5 month ago).

Today I paid apple again, but my account remains frozen. Are you able to help me out?

Version 6.8.7 (687003) via Mac App Store
_OS Version: 10.13.3


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    @mokuper: That means you either have not applied the subscription to your account, or that you have more than one and it's applied to the wrong one. We'll need you to email us from your account's registered address, but I'll shoot you an email here shortly to get the ball rolling.

    ref: UQB-13486-257

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