Feature Request: Password Generator - Add Numbers to WORDS Option

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Some websites that accept words and long passwords require numbers in addition to words.
It would be nice to a have a Digits slider similar to the one on the Characters option.

1Password Version: 6.8.7
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    @lysander - thanks for the suggestion. We've got two separate sections of the password generator so that if you've got a site that requires numerals and/or symbols in addition to letters, you can use the Character section of the generator, and if you've got a password field that either a) doesn't care or b) requires word-based passwords, you can use the wordlist-based generator. I'm not currently aware of any sites' login pages that require both actual words and random numeric/symbol characters, which is why we haven't made any changes to this setup yet. In this case, if you're at a site where you are able to use words with spaces but which also requires one or more numerals, it's trivial to add them manually by clicking into the generated password and making any changes you like.

    Having said that, we're always looking at the changing state of logins and passwords and adjusting our own generator to strike a balance between requirements of real-world websites, the wishes of our customers and the need to not burden it with too much complexity/features. So thanks for letting us know your wishes on this score. :)

  • Lars,

    I get what you say and understand the two sections. What I am asking for is the ability to use WORDS, not just random characters, PLUS a number.

    EG: myrmidon-whitlow-gusher-roadbed3

    So the site allows anything and if I want to use words it allows it, but requires a single number.

    So, the enhancement I am asking for is to append a number to a word.

    I hope this is more clear.

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    @lysander - It's clear. 😊And I will pass along your request to our developers. Thanks for posting!

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