Deleting primary and standalone vaults but keep Family subscription

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I've had 1Password from version 4 days. I've been maintaining 4 separate vaults that I sync using dropbox. Adding these Vaults was a non intuitive process in Version 6 as you no longer support this kind of set up.

Well I finally upgraded to the Family subscription. I have been moving my content from the separate vaults to my Private and newly created Vaults in the Family membership plan. I now have empty separate vaults.

The issue now, is like adding them to version 6, there does not appear to be a way to delete these from version 6. How can I delete my separate vaults as the only option in the menu is to delete the Family vault, but that is the one I want to keep.

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OS Version: 1Password 6 Version 6.8.7 (687006)
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  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @CoKerry - first of all, thanks for being a long-time user! You rock. :)

    Getting transferred over to a 1Password Families account was a great choice; once it's complete, you'll be amazed how much more stable, flexible and simple it is to use. If you've moved all your existing data over into your 1Password Families vaults and you now have just empty local vaults you need to delete, here's how: you must do all the other vaults first, then you can finish with the Primary vault, if you want to go account-only:

    1. Choose 1Password menu > Switch to Vault > [name of vault]
    2. Choose 1Password menu > Delete Vault.

    Do this in turn for every empty local vault. If you want to keep a single local (standalone) vault, then by default it will be your Primary vault. Move any items you want to keep out of your 1Password Families account into the Primary vault, as it's the only one you can "keep" if you're only keeping one.

  • That works! Thank you.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @CoKerry - excellent! Glad I could help out, and don't hesitate to drop by anytime if you have further questions or issues. Cheers! :)

  • Hi, I have a follow up question. I deleted my standalone vaults and with that I discovered I lost my master password that I use to unlock 1Password. It now requires me to enter the master password for the family account. This is not what I want. I would like each account user to have their own password and have this unlock the master on the family account.

    To do that do I need to set up a stand alone (but empty) vault with the password to be used and then have that unlock the family account or is there another way? If I need to set up the standalone vault how do I set it up so that it's password is the master of all?

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    @CoKerry - So, if you have a 1Password Families account, each user should be able to set up his or her own personal Master Password to sign into it. The difference is that if you've previously used standalone 1Password, then the Master Password for the 1Password for Windows or 1Password for Mac app on your devices will be whatever you chose for your Primary vault at the time you first began using 1Password, NOT the one you chose for your account (though of course you could have used the same one for both).

    You should not have to have a standalone Primary vault just to have a unique Master Password, and everyone in the family should not be using the same Master Password anyway. If your copy of 1Password for Mac now has only your account vaults, then you should be able to change the Master Password for your access to them in the usual way: in Preferences > Accounts, or in a web browser at

  • rvosatkarvosatka
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    (Without rehashing previous correspondence about how I got here...)

    How can I delete the content in my "Private Vault" and migrate data from a vault that has my current passwords?

    ref: RRC-15285-133

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @rvosatka - I see you've already posed this same exact question to our email support team as well. We're happy to assist, but if we have to coordinate replies to you amongst multiple colleagues over multiple points-of-contact, it actually slows support times for everyone, including you. Let's keep the conversation going via email, if you don't mind. :)

  • But the reply do not address the question...

  • @Lars This question is NOT the question I sent by email. The question by email refers to my wife's IOS 1Password where the migration failed.

    This question refers to a problem that has existed for sometime. I have been attempting to undo the scrambled passwords and create a working vault for my passwords.

    Now that I have created a NEW vault that does not have the scrambled data (ie: passwords put into the URL field, for example; thousands of records with the name "Login", etc).

    As this is a NEW and DIFFERENT question, could you kindly answer it?

    How can I delete the content in my "Private Vault" and migrate data from a vault that has my current passwords?

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    How can I delete the content in my "Private Vault"

    1. ⌘A to select all items
    2. Right (or Ctrl)-click, "Move to Trash"

    ...and migrate data from a vault that has my current passwords?

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