🐛Known Issues for 1Password 7 for Windows

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Hi folks,

We’re really excited for you to try 1Password 7 for Windows, it is one of the biggest updates we’ve released on Windows and we think you’re going to love it.

While you use the new 1Password 7, please note that there will be some expected issue we’re working on addressing soon. Here’s the list:


  • Edge on Insider builds (18H2/Fall 2018) are experiencing issues that can cause 1Password extension to crash on each Edge start. You may be able to ignore the crash and keep using 1Password afterward but it is not stable. We're waiting to hear from Microsoft about this issue as it did affect other extensions, not just 1Password.

Updated on 2018-08-13 for 1Password 7.2 release

  • Due to ongoing internal changes to improve the overall performance, some users may experience a longer sync for their standalone vaults that could cause delayed UI reactions. This will be addressed in a follow-up update. To avoid the delays, unlock 1Password and wait for the sync to finish, usually less than a minute and then use 1Password.

Updated on 2018-06-11 for 1Password 7.1 release

  • If you enable the feature for Vulnerable Passwords (HaveIBeenPwned.com), you may notice during its scan, it may push back your scrolling a bit as it checks each item. {OPW-2277}
  • You may notice mismatch item counts for Weak Passwords between 1Password 7.1 for Windows and other 1Password apps including 1Password.com web app, this is due to an outdated password strength calculation method. This will be fixed soon. {OPW-865}
  • The make https feature is not yet implemented for the Unsecured websites items. {OPW-2278}
  • Weak/Reused Passwords may include 6-digit or less PINs in its checks, it'll be removed in a future update. {OPW-2290}

Initial 1Password 7.0 Known Issues.

  • It is not yet possible to add custom icons or to delete them for items in standalone vaults within 1Password 7.0 for Windows. {OPW-1920, OPW-1778}
  • Copying or moving items with attachments to separate standalone vaults are not supported, they'll be moved/copied without the attachment(s) included. {OPW-1992}
  • Removing the attachments from standalone items does not remove it from the internal encrypted database yet. If you trash the item with removed attachments, you’d be able to see the removed attachments in the item while Trash. A clean up function will be added later to remove the removed attachments from the internal database. {OPW-2232}
  • If you sign out of the first 1Password account that is set as the Master Password for 1Password for Windows, the Master Password will remain the same if there is no secondary 1Password account, even if 1Password have standalone vault(s) remaining in its database. {OPW-1881}
  • Template and categories are not fully localized yet but they will be in a future update after the 1Password 7.0 stable release. {OPW-1820}
  • You may experience UI delays after the initial unlock, this will be optimized in a future update.
  • 1Password lock animation kicks in every time you change the window state like restoring from maximized state or going to maximized state.


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