🐛Known Issues for 1Password 7 for Windows Beta updates

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Hi folks,

While we do test every build that we release, we sometime do need your help to test incomplete features to see how it is working and feels in general before we build on top of them. If the said features doesn't work or feel right, we'll save time by going back to the drawing board and try again.

Note: Starting from 1Password 7 Beta 5, it will back up all standalone vaults to 1Password's internal backup directory at %LOCALAPPDATA%\1Password\backups with the file extension of .opvault.backup.

With this in mind, please read this list of known issues that we do plan to address depending on the current feedback we get:

  • If Automatic update when 1Password is locked is disabled in 1Password update settings, it is not possible to manually install the update while 1Password is locked. Unlock first and then install the update via the 1Password Menu. {OPW-1831}
  • 1Password 7 does not do conflict resolution for Dropbox sync but it is planned for a future update. {OPW-1944}
  • It is not yet possible to add new attachments/custom icons or to delete them for items in standalone vaults within 1Password 7 Beta for Windows. {OPW-1920, OPW-1778}
  • Copying or moving items with attachments to separate vaults are not supported, they'll be moved/copied without the attachment(s) included. {OPW-1992}
  • It is not yet possible to import 1Password Interchange Format (1PIF) export files into standalone vaults. {OPW-1307}
  • If you sign out of the first 1Password account that is set as the Master Password for 1Password for Windows, the Master Password will remain the same if there is no secondary 1Password account, even if 1Password have standalone vault(s) remaining in its database. {OPW-1881}
  • To remove a standalone vault, open the vault selector on the top left, then right-click the vault you want to remove and select Remove Vault. A dedicated Vault settings view is coming in a future beta update. {OPW-1488}
  • Template and categories are not fully localized yet but they will be in a future update. {OPW-1820}
  • You may experience UI delays when editing or creating new items for standalone vaults as 1Password is doing extra work to backup+sync your data every time you make a simple change. This will be optimized prior to the first stable release of 1Password 7.


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    And, as always, don't hesitate to start a new discussion if you encounter any other issues. Thanks for participating in the beta! :sunglasses: :+1:

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