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I have a 1Password account with several vaults and I am thinking about upgrading to a family account. But I am not sure that the family account correspond to my expectations. In fact I want to install on my wife's iPhone and her work computer 1Password so she can have access to her own vault and manage by herself her passwords/notes etc. If I create a family account, is it possible to create another vault and then allow her to access to this vault (but not mine, only this new one)? And in that case, with what logins/passwords she will have to log on her iPhone and computer? Mine or her (don't know how it works sorry)?

Thanks a lot for the help!

PS: last question, is it still possible to by gift cards with crypto so I can upgrade to the family account with bitcoin/ethereum etc. ?

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  • Corey_CCorey_C

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    Hi there @mickaphd :)

    With Family Memberships, everyone in the family has their own account under the family banner. Each person has their own login information (email, Master Password, Secret Key), the only thing that is shared is the Sign-In Address. Each person will sign in to 1Password using their own information. For example, you will use your Master Password and Secret Key and your wife will use hers. In addition, each member of the family gets their own Personal vault. That vault, and anything put in it, is completely private to that specific member. You can't see your wife's Personal vault and she can't see yours. That all make sense?

    Yes, crypto should still be an option. Just pick coinbase as the payment method at checkout.

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