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I have been using 1PW for a few years now. I purchased it for $64. a few years ago. It did not require a subscription. Last week I had my MAC replaced. Since reinstalling 1PW it is telling me my account is Frozen. What happened? Is this forcing me to pay monthly at this point?


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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @peterk2000,

    It sounds like what happened is that when you got your new computer and installed 1Password you set up a trial of membership, which is a subscription service. Membership is the best way to experience 1Password. It includes access to the latest versions of all of our native 1Password apps, as well as automatic off-site backups for your data. I’d encourage you to consider continuing with the membership, but you are not required to. If you’d prefer to use 1Password “standalone” (sans-account / subscription) you can do so.

    Some resources that may be helpful:

    I hope that helps!


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