1Password X FireFox and Dark Theme

JadCJadC 1Password Alumni

Hello! Glad to see 1P X on FF :). Looks and works great!

One kink though: when the FF Dark Theme is enabled, the icon is barely visible:

1Password Version: 7 Beta 3
Extension Version: 1P X FF Beta 1.6.3
OS Version: macOS 10.13.3
Sync Type: 1Password.com/iCloud


  • dtearedteare Agile Founder

    Team Member

    Welcome to the forums, @jadchaar! We're glad to have you here. 🙂

    Thanks so much for the bug report and screenshot. I'm not sure if we're able to detect if you have a dark theme or not, but the Firefox APIs allow us to replace the icon itself so in theory we could have a preference that would allow you to control this somehow.

    I know @danvpeterson has plans to redesign the Settings page so with any luck we'll find a way to squeeze this in there.

    Thanks again for the great report! Please keep them coming. Or, if there are no more issues, let us know that everything is perfect so we can publish the official release! 😉

  • JadCJadC 1Password Alumni

    Thanks glad to be here! I will definitely be popping in the bug reports as I encounter any issues.

    As for the icon, if you guys want a placeholder before adding in the ability to change icons, you can put an icon with shading similar to the original 1Password (non X) extension.

    But yeah that definitely seems like an oversight on the FF side to not include an API for that.

  • beyerbeyer

    Team Member

    @jadchaar: Firefox does provide a pretty decent API which returns a theme object that includes the theme color – which is fantastic! 👍

    But Firefox is the only browser that does meaning it's not a solution that fixes this issue across all the browsers we want 1Password X to support – which is a bummer. 👎

    I don't want guarantee precisely what change we make, but I know @danvpeterson's is on it and I can't wait to see what he comes up with. 🎉

    I just started using Firefox Developer Edition as my "daily driver" which comes default with a dark theme meaning I want to see this improved too and I'll see if I can push that along for both of us! Thanks again and have a great weekend!


  • JadCJadC 1Password Alumni

    No problem, @beyer, glad to help! As much as I hate browser specific code, an exception for Firefox is probably the best option at this stage until Chrome and other major browsers have a theme API. Like @dteare said above, a global solution would be to have a settings option to change the tone of icon color, but if the browser supports it, automatic is the way to go.

  • beyerbeyer

    Team Member

    @jadchaar: I agree! I'm just drinking my morning coffee now and then I'm going to dig into the code and see what we can do! 🤘


  • Any update on this one @beyer ? Like you I've just swapped to Firefox Developer Edition and the icon's still dark and very accessibility unfriendly; I've been forced to switch off to the light theme as a result but I'd love to have it fixed on your side :)

  • brentybrenty

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    edited February 2019

    @dannyfallon: Accessibility should still work just fine (it is here, and I haven't seen other reports that it isn't, but there may be edge cases in Firefox), but we are looking into ways of making the icon fit better within the browser chrome — lowercase "c". ;)

    ref: xplatform/filling-issues#180, x/b5x#330

  • Hi, i have a dark theme installed in chrome and the icon isn't visible at all:

    The icon is on the fourth position but is completely blacked out, previously the 1password desktop extension was visible under my current settings.

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @Tiontomo: Indeed, the 1Password X icon is black, so using a completely black theme makes it disappear. I just use the built in dark theme from Mozilla and that's slightly better. Ctrl . will allow you to bring up the menu even if you've hidden the icon, and hopefully we'll be able to add one that's better suited to this particular use case in a future update. Thanks for chiming in! :)

  • JadCJadC 1Password Alumni

    Hi @Tiontomo, welcome to the forum! We are happy to help you!

    Unfortunately, Chrome does not allow us to detect the color of the toolbar, but we are looking to address this problem in a future release of 1Password X.

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