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I don't know why the credit cards don't actually look like what the credit card looks like. There are other programs out there that show a credit card and it actually looks like the actual card.

Just food for thought.

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  • danvpetersondanvpeterson AWS Team

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    edited March 2018

    Hi @4GadgetMan, thanks for the feedback! We considered this in the past but didn't see enough benefit compared to the development time and effort it would require. The main benefit I think would be familiarity and visual recognition since you can compare it to your real credit card but companies change their card designs, their own logos, their colors, etc. frequently and this would become something that we would then need to keep updated which takes a good amount of time and effort. It also doesn't lend itself well to resizing windows and smaller devices. Also, most new cards I see no longer even show these details on the front and are moving them to the backs of cards and don't follow a consistent layout from card to card (some have the details on the top, some on the bottom, some in different orders...). Because of this, we decided that having the item details layout remain consistent with other item types, and keeping readability up by not changing the background and text colors, was more important than making it look like a physical credit card.

  • @danvpeterson please, give us at least a custom non-squared icon option for Credit cards in order to customize them ourselves. Please. :'(

    It's been 2 years and nothing has changed... :(

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Thank you again for your feedback and enthusiasm! I have just replied to your request in your other discussion ;)

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