1Password on my iPad mini not accessing correct vault

I have the app on my iPad mini and I have enabled the extension on Safari. When I go to a website with a sign-in in Safari, the extension allows me to create or save a password, but not autofill the existing password. When I open the 1Password app, it shows two vaults, my personal one with all my logins and another one called Addresses which is empty. I suspect that the extension is referencing the Addresses vault, not the main vault. How do I make the extension sync with my main vault?


  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @Jan1355: The extension can access both vaults, but no matter what it will not show you any logins except those that have a URL matching the website you're at. That's why you'll only see the option to save a new login. Can you give me an example URL for a site where you're having trouble, and the corresponding URL you have saved for that login in 1Password? Also, is the "Addresses" vault perhaps part of a 1Password Families or Teams plan you belong to?

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