Add existing accounts to a family plan

I want to change to a family plan, but my family already have existing 1password accounts, is there any way to just add them without any hassle? I know you can port data to a new account but I really don't want to do that if at all possible. I know you can add guests, but does that include them in the plan?

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    @llyriic: It isn't possible to merge existing, separate accounts into another. You can add them as guests or regular family members...but either way they'll still have two accounts then unless they move their data over to the new one and cancel the old. That's pretty easy to do though, as they'll just have to sign into both accounts in the app and then copy data from one account's vault to the other's. I hope this helps. Be sure to let me know if you have any other questions! :)

  • My father also heard about 1password. He started a trial and decided he liked it. At this point, I thought to start a family account and invite him, but as the original poster noticed, there is no way to do that?

    How is this supposed to work? Should I create a second account for him based on an invite? Can you even create two accounts with the same email address?

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    @wesselt: Why can't you invite him? Definitely try what I suggested above and let me know if you have questions. It is possible to have multiple accounts under the same email address, just not multiple individual accounts under the same one.

  • Went through the actions to accept the invite, import the data into the family vault, sign in to the family vault on three devices.

    It works, but it's way more work than expected. I had hoped to invite existing accounts into the family.

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    @wesselt: Glad to hear you were able to invite them. Hopefully you didn't have them copy over individual pieces of information by hand, as it can all be moved between vaults with just a few clicks, as I mentioned above. That's a fair bit easier. :)

    It isn't possible to simply add their existing accounts because, even if we did that for billing purposes, those people would not be able to actually share vaults with you. The invite process exchanges what are effectively public keys between family members behind the scenes so that they will actually be able to decrypt the data in vaults you share with them. Without that, some pretty significant benefits of 1Password Families — not only sharing, but also account recovery — would not be possible. Thanks for understanding.

  • @brenty Thanks for your reply. I did follow your instructions and was able to copy all items at once.

    If I can convert manually, then surely it can be done automatically. :)

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    @wesselt: What do you mean exactly? if you followed my instructions, it wouldn't have been a manual process. You can simply copy all of the data from one account to the other. It generally just takes a few seconds.

  • @brenty figuring out what to do, creating a new vault, moving items, adding vaults on all devices, deleting the old vault on all devices, deleting the old account took me 2-3 hours over 2 weeks.

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    @wesselt: Thanks for clarifying. However,

    figuring out what to do,

    1Password cannot possibly do this for you, as it involves cognition.

    creating a new vault, moving items, adding vaults on all devices, deleting the old vault on all devices, deleting the old account took me 2-3 hours over 2 weeks.

    1Password could technically do all of this for you, but it's not something we want it to do at all, since not everyone has the same setup to begin with or even wants to have the same setup in their account at the end. We have a great guide that covers this whole process for all devices:

    Move your existing 1Password data to a 1Password account

    It sounds like maybe you didn't follow that guide. Perhaps you weren't aware of it. Unfortunately it isn't something that you could find on your own without looking, or that we can direct you to without you asking.

    I'm sorry to hear that you had so much trouble with this. We'll continue to work to make it easier, but to a point, since we also don't want people easily — accidentally — dumping data from multiple vaults into a single vault in their account, or moving/deleting things at all on the user's behalf. This is people's most important data. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so we do not want 1Password trying to impose one. Each of us needs to decide how we want our stuff organized, and we're always here to answer questions or offer suggestions if you need help. :blush:

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