Signing into multiple 1Password Team accounts on 1 Password X (Firefox)

Hey folks,

I managed to add multiple team accounts into 1Password X for Firefox. However, since the initial add - I'm unable to login to both account simultaneously as there seems to be no option to unlock more than 1 team account at once? I can either unlock my work account or my personal one. Any help would be awesome!

1Password Version: 1Password 7 Version 7.0.BETA-5 (70000005) AgileBit
Extension Version: 1Password X Beta โ€“ Password Manager 1.6.3
OS Version: macOS High Sierra 10.13.4
Sync Type: 1Password for Teams/Family


  • dtearedteare Agile Founder

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    Welcome to the forums, @fox2mike! ๐Ÿ‘‹ We're glad you're here. ๐Ÿ™‚

    You found this out already but let me type it out to make sure we're on the same page: the way 1Password X works is we attempt to unlock each of your accounts with the Master Password you type. Each account that unlocks with the given Master Password has it's vaults and items added to 1Password X.

    What we recommend you do is use the same Master Password for each of your accounts. I know that this seems counterintuitive to the advice that we've been preaching for over a decade now but in the case of 1Password Master Passwords, it really is the right way to go in most situations. For one thing, your Master Password is used for encryption and not just authentication, so there's no way to reset it if it is ever forgotten. Having multiple Master Passwords that you need to remember is very difficult and to cope you (or at least I did anyway) end up adding the Master Password for other accounts into my main 1Password account. So having them be different didn't add any meaningful security so it's not worth the burden nor the risk of forgetting one of them.

    I hope that helps. Please let me know and I'll be happy to continue the conversation.


  • fox2mikefox2mike โœญ

    Thanks @dteare! Glad to be here. Thanks for an awesome product! Love it and highly recommend it to folks whenever I can :)

    Unfortunately, that suggestion might not work for me personally, I don't want to share 1 master password between work and personal accounts - I think I'll go back to using 1Password7 with the extension.

  • dtearedteare Agile Founder

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    Thanks @fox2mike! We live and breath by word of mouth so we literally wouldn't be here without awesome customers like you. Thank you! โค๏ธ

    I hear you on the Master Password thing as I wouldn't want my company knowing my Master Password, either. But I think there may be a bit of confusion here as only you know your Master Password. We do many cool things to ensure that nobody ever sees your Master Password, including your company. So you're perfectly safe using the same one. Just don't store any of your personal information in your work vaults and you'll be A-OK.

  • DanSkeelDanSkeel โœญ

    Hey, @fox2mike , you can type in the password from the account you want to unlock and 1PX will unlock the right account!

    @dteare thanks for the suggestion, I did as you said.

  • fox2mikefox2mike โœญ

    @DanSkeel Indeed, but I was looking for both accounts being unlocked at the same time, which seems only possible if they both shared the same Master Password, which while I understand the theory behind "It's ok to use the same one", I'm not sure I want to compromise on :)

  • dtearedteare Agile Founder

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    Could you help me better understand your reservations, @fox2mike? Improving account management is on our radar but I wasn't planning on adding a "Primary" account like we do on Mac. If anything I was hoping to simplify some of the Mac code by having it follow 1Password X's lead. So understanding why this is something you don't want to do would be helpful.

  • fox2mikefox2mike โœญ

    @dteare I think my reservation stems from my personal need to separate out work and personal. As a sysadmin I did read up on and some of your whitepapers (which is why I love 1Password over others out there in the market) and I think the separation is critical for me (I'm probably an edge case where I don't mind keeping separate master passwords). Interestingly, my current desktop 1Password does "unlock" both vaults when I enter my personal master password, which I'm starting to wonder about ;) as entering that unlocks all my vaults and gives me access to both work and personal.

    Also - I used to only be an offline 1Password user (syncing over wifi) before I went to a family account and then on to a work team account as well.

  • beyerbeyer

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    @fox2mike: I hate to be pedantic, but I'm curious are you using multiple accounts for work and one for personal or is just one for each?

    Dave and I have talked about the multiple account problem and solutions over the last few months now, and it's something that's very near and dear to my heart. It is not unrealistic for us to sit down and add the ability for one Master Password to unlock many accounts, but after having quite a few conversations with Dave, I'm still not sure that's the best route.

    For example, if I didn't read the rest of this thread and were only looking at your latest post, I would think 1Password X is perfect for you! We actually do allow you to keep your work and personal accounts separate. When doing work, you could unlock 1Password X with your work Master Password and only have the items you need for work (maintaining that separation), but then when you want to have your just personal items, you could unlock with your personal Master Password. This is the kind of mindset 1Password X supports today. It's different from the way our other 1Password clients work, but I also think it gives some control back to our users.

    Another benefit, which only 1Password X can provide, is allowing for multiple browser profiles with access to different accounts. For example, I have a browser profile in Chrome that I use for work, and I have one I use for doing personal things like watching Netflix (it's my guilty pleasure โ€“ I'm currently digging season 2 of Jessica Jones). In my work Chrome profile, I have the many 1Password accounts I need to do my job added to 1Password X. For my personal Chrome profile, I only have access to my personal account with all my personal items (like that Netflix password). Most importantly to me, this means I can't accidentally log in and post to the AgileBits Twitter account or muck up something on Amazon Web Services (which I use both personally and at work).

    I don't know if that helps, but seeing you say "my personal need to separate out work and personal" made me want to share my same concern but addressed in a different manner. I believe that 1Password X does give you the separation you need โ€“ it really does for me.

    The door isn't closed on this subject and we wholeheartedly welcome any feedback you have on multiple accounts in 1Password X.


  • fox2mikefox2mike โœญ

    Hey @beyer - I'm using one for each. A Family account for personal stuff and a Teams account for work stuff.

    I agree with 1Password X and separate unlocks - I think my problem right now is my "first" unlock (let's say it's personal) renders 1Password X useless until I restart my browser? Once I unlock it for personal, I can't unlock it for work (or maybe I'm missing a piece here all along). I also am testing it out on Firefox with Container tabs.

  • beyerbeyer

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    Hey @fox2mike ๐Ÿ‘‹

    If you have both accounts added to 1Password X (you can see locked and unlocked accounts on the settings page), then all you need to do is lock 1Password X and unlock it again using the Master Password of the account you want to use.

    I'd like to add the ability to lock 1Password using a keyboard shortcut, but in the meantime, I think the fastest method would be right-clicking the 1Password logo in your toolbar and selecting the Lock option.

    This allows you to keep 1Password items and accounts separated but easily accessible. For anyone who prefers to access multiple accounts at once, they can easily do so by using the same Master Password on each.

    Your post here has reinvigorated some internal debate on this subject so I'd love to hear your feedback on how well that works for you. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Thanks for using the beta and helping us make 1Password better for all! ๐Ÿงก๐ŸฆŠ


  • Hey all, not to hijack, but If I may add to the edge case pile, I also don't mind keeping separate master passwords. Even more than that, I don't mind having to unlock my two accounts (again, also 1 family, 1 teams) individually. What does slow me down considerably, however, is having to lock the first account in order to access the other. In fact, sometimes it's critical to what I'm doing that I can access both accounts side-by-side.

    What with auto-lock timers and other conditions we can set which will lock both accounts simultaneously, I guess I'm unclear as on the security/accessibility tradeoff in play to be able to individually, independently lock and unlock multiple accounts. Maybe a different, better way of putting this is, if I have the same master password for each account, is there a way to unlock 1Password X for only one of my accounts at a time? Say I go to Twitter, unlock 1Password X, and want to make sure only one of my accounts is available to log in. Is that possible with the same master password across multiple accounts?

  • brentybrenty

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    What does slow me down considerably, however, is having to lock the first account in order to access the other.

    @loganyates: That's a really good point. Thank you for making it!

    if I have the same master password for each account, is there a way to unlock 1Password X for only one of my accounts at a time?

    No, but it's an interesting idea. Unlike your other comments I don't quite see the benefit to this, other than is seems like you should be able to do that. But while I don't think that's something we should design for, it may be that you get that "for free" as we design 1Password X to allow us to switch between accounts more seamlessly. I'm not sure exactly what that will look like, but it's definitely something we're exploring. Thank you for this feedback! :)

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