Still no sophisticated print layout

Hi there again,

well, as I mention I like the new release a lot, but there is one thing I'm very long waiting for already. A good print Layout!!! Problem is, my clients always want to have there logins and account data as a pdf copy or printed. Most of them have multiple item I have to export.

If I print one it's kind of OK (don't like the print design – maybe you hand this over to your UI team and they might have a look), but if I print multiple entries there is no pagebreak between the items or the pagebreak is in the middle of some account details. That's not a very nice appearance.

I wouldn't dare to ask for an PDF export where every item is a single PDF, oh I wouldn't. Well, may be you get in a kind of discussion concerning this topic. It will make your program greater! Again ;-)


1Password Version: 7 Beta 5
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: OS X 10.13.4
Sync Type: 1Password


  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @operatorone,

    Thanks for taking the time to write this up. We don’t currently have any plans for improved print functions. We would encourage digital backups and copies over printed ones. The nature of the data in 1Password is such that the expectation is that it changes regularly. Printing new copies every time something changes is likely impractical (or at least extremely inefficient). This leaves you with either an outdated print out or a whole lot of wasted time and dead trees.


  • Hi @Ben,

    I can see your point, but it's sad to hear that there will be no further efforts to improve this function.

    Sadly is that most clients are no tech nerds and can barely handle a simple PDF file. To send them something else will make no sense. We call this kinda people "DAU" which stands for "dumbest assumable user" and we are sourrounded by them. Unfortunately these people pay for a service and to dissapoint a customer is not recommended. Wouldn't you agree?

    I personally don't keep any of my account information on an analog media, but may be I'm different and can't expect everybody to be as tech savy as I am. So I have to find another way, again. Which is very dissapointing.


  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Unfortunately these people pay for a service and to dissapoint a customer is not recommended. Wouldn't you agree?

    I do, which is why I recommend a solution that is more appropriate to the situation rather than the one which is likely to be a disappointment. I think important questions to ask are:

    • What is the client actually trying to accomplish here?
    • Does the proposed solution accomplish those goals?
    • Are we comfortable with the solution? Is it going to be reliable? Is it going to be sustainable? Or is it going to ultimately cause headaches?

    A static form of media (including a PDF file) is not going to be a great solution for keeping 1Password data, for the reasons I mentioned above. Is someone going to regenerate that every time a password changes or a new account is added? Probably not. And even if they are... is that a great workflow, or after doing that time and time again are they going to begin to resent 1Password for not making life easier? So I would go back to the question of what is the ultimate goal here? Is it backup? Or is there a problem with the way information is presented in 1Password, which makes them prefer to read their passwords off paper?

    I’d be happy to discuss further but I’d be interested to hear what the deeper goals here are.


  • Hi Ben,

    the main goal here is to distribute account information to people which don't use any password management software or know about the great benefits of it.

    I definately aggree to your thoughts and wouldn't argue differently if the world was an ideal place. But I don't see any possibility the hand a data set to another person which does not use any software for keeping account information than a static file. Yes it could be outdated and yes it could be obsolete but in my experience it's still the majority of users out there, unfortunately.

    Most people want there information handed over by email. OK, that's not very save, but comfortable for them and the only way they accept it, because that's their highest technical level they got to. And they can find it later again in their mail archive.

    If I would come up to them with a concept like:
    1. Here's URL, please open it (e.g.
    2. Enter a specifc password (not even a user name)
    3. There you can find all you infos, copy them and go on

    Answers of customers to the points above:
    1. "What's the URL? Oh I always can't remember it."
    2. Calls me repeatively: "What was my password again?"
    3. "Can I print this infos shown on the site to keep it for later?"
    4. "Can't you just send a PDF file!" :D

    We'll that's the real live situation and I would be the first person to celebrate a year long, if there is a better way.


  • BenBen AWS Team

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    It seems like that is the exact problem 1Password solves.

    You don’t have to remember URLs. They’re stored in 1Password. You only have to remember one password — your 1Password Master Password. If you can’t remember it there is an Emergency Kit. Printing is quickly becoming a dead technology as more and more companies and families go paperless. One of the difficulties we have with the Emergency Kit is that we recommend printing it, but hardly anyone has a printer at home anymore. There are more and more families that are mobile only and printing just isn’t a part of that. Granted, we’re still in the transition period. Not everyone is paperless yet, and even of those that are... most of us aren’t there 100% quite yet. But that is definitely the direction things are heading.

    I agree with you that the printing experience in 1Password has never been stellar, and understand the desire for improvement there. I think it is going to be very hard to justify spending development time on a technology that is on the rapid decline especially when there are so many new and exciting things that are becoming available and we want to be a part of.


  • I aggree to operatorone. Printing for years falls behind any other competitors product and is not usable, as note text is clipped on the borders of the page. There ARE situations where you need to print, like a written copy for legal issues.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Thanks for the feedback @atomic. I'm not familiar with any such legal issues, but you may want to consider copying and pasting the details into the appropriate document in such a case. At this time I'm not aware of any plans to improve printing capabilities in 1Password.


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