Sharing passwords with small work team, family, etc


I'm trying to decide the best approach for using 1Password, and I was hoping someone could help. I thought I read that local vault support and standalone licenses were going away? Has this changed? It seems like I'm reading now that local vault support is being improved and that stand alone licenses are coming back.

Here's what I'm trying to do:

  • Have my own passwords available on Mac, iOS, and maybe Linux (not a deal breaker either way)
  • Share some passwords with my wife
  • Share some passwords with a co-worker or two (really small dev team, not ready for the 1Passwords team subscription, yet)

I'm thinking I could accomplish this by:

  • Creating a private vault and syncing with Dropbox
  • Creating a family vault and syncing with Dropbox and sharing with my wife's Dropbox
  • Creating a work vault and syncing with Dropbox and sharing with my team member's Dropboxes (or maybe a local file and syncing with our Google Drive - although I think that would mean we couldn't use it on iOS?)

  • or -

I guess I could do the 1Password family membership for me and my wife, and then use a dropbox vault for the team (again, team isn't ready for 1Password teams membership, yet).

Am I understanding this correctly? If I don't have a 1Password family membership, then we'd need to buy the 39.99 beta standalone license to share for our Macs, then the 9.99 pro features iOS app license for my Apple ID, and the 9.99 pro features app license for my wife's Android phone. Then team members would need to buy whichever licenses they want.

If I buy the beta standalone license with 1Password 7, can I use it with 1Password 6?

As far as membership vs standalone licenses, membership is the only way to get major version upgrades without rebuying, right?

It seems like it may be more cost-effective in this scenario to due the membership, but I'm not a fan of subscriptions if I can avoid them.

Thanks for the help!

1Password Version: 6+
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: macOS 10.13, iOS 11.3, Android 7.0, Ubuntu 16.04
Sync Type: Dropbox / 1Password membership


  • rickfillionrickfillion Junior Member

    Team Member

    Hi @codyhazelwood,

    We can absolutely help with that.

    1Password Families is absolutely the way to go between you and your wife. I wouldn't consider any other approach. It's easier to setup, it's easier to use, it's more flexible, and best of all you can recover accounts. This means that if either you or your wife was to forget your Master Password you wouldn't end up losing your data. As long as one of you has access, you can help the other recover their account. This is priceless to me.

    For your small dev team... I really think you should consider 1Password Teams. That's what I use for my own tiny dev company that I have outside of AgileBits. We're 2 people. We used to use Dropbox, and mostly sort of works, but this is just better. Recovery plays a role here again, but it's so much more. I mentioned we're 2 people. At one point that was 3. When you go from 3 to 2 you want that 1 to drop all of those shared secrets as quickly as possible. With 1Password Teams that was as easy as suspending and then deleting a user. With that done I could rest assured that next time their device shows up online 1Password would delete it. That's a whole lot of peace of mind for $96/year.

    You mentioned Linux support, and we have some pretty cool stuff there if you're using 1Password Teams or 1Password Families. We have 1Password X which is a great browser extension for Chrome and Firefox (in beta). We also have our command-line tool which is a great way to integrate more security into your development practices. Both of these only work if you're using 1Password accounts.

    I hope this helps. I know that I didn't specifically answer all of your questions. If you have any that you specifically want me to answer beyond this recommendation let me know.


  • Hi Rick,

    Thanks for the reply. I understand your point about the teams, but at the same time, all secrets would have to be rotated anyway, as there are no guarantees that they didn't copy and paste them somewhere else, let Chrome store them, etc. I didn't realize that the command-line tool only worked with the 1Password accounts, so that's definitely something to keep in mind.

    Could you explain the pricing on the standalone versions (or point me to a document that does explain it well)?


  • BenBen AWS Team

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    You are correct that it would be best practice to change the secrets that someone leaving the company may have had access to.

    Standalone licenses are sold on a per-person per-platform basis and are valid for one major version (e.x. 1Password 7 for Mac). It is more to keep track of, and if purchasing for multiple people and/or multiple platforms will almost certainly be more expensive than membership. We still offer that option, but we generally do not point customers (especially new customers) in that direction. Membership is going to provide the best experience as far as stability, feature set, and pricing are concerned.

    We do not recommend sharing data using standalone vaults. While technically possible there are simply too many variables for it to be a solution that we can put our name behind any longer.

    Does that help?


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