ChilkatCrypt2.dll and chilkatzip2.dll

1Password-; Windows 7.

Updating to, I just noticed that 1PWasked to reboot, and saw the content of the file C:\Windows\is-6MM9G.lst:

   ; This file was created by the installer for:
    ;   1Password
    ;   Location: C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\Temp\1Password-
	at this
    ; List of files to be registered on the next reboot. DO NOT EDIT!

his is probably nothing new, and perhaps I just didn't notice it before. Still, I want to confirm this is a normal behavior and get more info about these files.



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    It's normal, Locker, but I'll have to defer to the developer to describe the role these files play.
  • If I remember correctly, the .lst file is created by Inno Setup (the installer) to list the needed steps to finish installation on reboot. Those two files are libraries providing encryption and compression support. Being ActiveX/COM components, they need to be registered with the system before they can be used (they can then be called from javascript/vbscript/native code by simply referring to them by name/id).

    This usually can happen on the fly and not need a reboot, but being an update I'm guessing the extension/main program was running at the time and thus the installer couldn't replace locked files and needed a reboot.
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    Welcome to the forum, Littleboy, and thanks for the helpful post!

    It's true that all browser windows and all Windows Explorer windows need to be closed when the update installer is run. Typically, the installer lets you know if that's not the case, but perhaps a window occasionally slips under the wire. :)
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