What happen when I delete a document?


I would like to be sure that when I delete a document (or a login/password/etc..) they are really deleted from your servers.
I don't know if you use backup servers (I imagine yes) and what's the policy about that.
I was not able to find a FAQ about that, maybe I didn't search enough.. 🤔
Basically is there a way to be sure that when we delete something it's really deleted?

Thank you!

PS: any news about the public release of the macOS v7 (in the AppStore, not the beta)

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    Hi @mickaphd,

    Good question. There are many things at play here but I’ll try to be as clear as possible.

    Trashing an item doesn’t do anything but mark it as trashed visually. When you empty the trash, again this is mostly a visual thing. You can sign in to the website and choose “View Archived Items” in the trash and it will show you the items that have been emptied from the trash previously. We have some guarantees in place that items in that state won’t disappear on you for X days depending on which plan you’re on.

    If you want to really purge an item, you’ll want to go to this Archived Items list and choose to Destroy it. Once you’ve done that the item will start its way through the paper shredder. Each step at this point is asynchronous.

    First the system will delete the item and any old version of it that exists in our database. It will also find any associated files (in the case of Documents and custom icons) associated with the item and delete those references.

    Later another process will come along and find files that exist without references and purge those from storage.

    The data will continue to exist within backups of the system. We keep full backups going back 30 days.

    I hope that helps explain how it works.


  • Thank's a lot for this very clear explanation

  • brentybrenty

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    Likewise, thanks for asking the question! I enjoy reading Rick's explanations a lot myself, so I'll thank him on behalf of both of us. And we're here if you have any other questions. Cheers! :chuffed:

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