Yubikey support

I was wondering if 1Password has any plans to support yubikey?

I heard the news that FIDO2 will be integrated into windows hello. Would that mean I colud use yubikey to unlock 1password since it supports windows hello?


  • I am wondering the same, as I just got my ArsTechnica Yubikey and would like to start using that with 1Password. Is that possible, or in the future possible in the upcoming version?

  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    @dwk: Whether Hello integration would be enough depends on how you'd like to use the Yubikey with 1Password and what form that integration takes. A lot of times, folks asking about Yubikey are specifically referencing using it for 2-factor authentication. That's not something we have any plans for with 1Password. If you're looking to use it to unlock 1Password and the Hello integration means it will be an option to unlock your PC like PIN, face and fingerprint today, it's certainly possible such an integration would allow you to use it to unlock 1Password as well. I won't know for sure until more is known about how this Hello integration will work, but it seems possible at first glance.

    @ArjanF: We have no plans to integrate Yubikey support ourselves, but as @dwk mentioned, if Microsoft adds it as an option through Hello, it's certainly possible using it to unlock password would be doable. Again, though, I don't want to make any promises. This is purely speculative at this point and until we see what Microsoft comes up with and get a better understanding of how it works with Hello, anything I say is a guess at best.

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