Silent Update not really silent

Some minutes ago, the latest update of 1P7 was installed on my machine.
It was nearly impossible to overlook the update process, when you are working on something else, because for a milisecond or so the 1Password window pops up, flickers and disappears.
It's great to recognize that an update has been rolled out but I think the great message in the 1Pmini is enough :chuffed:

When I think about it sometimes this behaviour also occurs when the computer is started :+1:

Thanks, lumarel

1Password Version: 7.0.542
Extension Version:
OS Version: Windows 10 1709 16299.371
Sync Type: Dropbox


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    Hi @lumarel,

    Thanks for reporting this.

    We didn't technically call it silent update, it's automatic update.

    However, the issue is not related to the automatic update itself, the issue is that when starting 1Password (in the background) we have to render a window in front of you in order for the keyboard shortcuts to work. This is a separate issue that will be addressed in the future.

  • Hey @MikeT,

    Oh ok, thanks for making that clear :+1:

    Ok then it's one more limitation from windows.. But great to hear :chuffed:
    Maybe there is a possibility to draw an transparent window or single pixel window, I know it's a workaround not a solution but it is something.

  • This is an interesting complaint, because for the last several beta updates, the only notice I've seen is when I click on the mini, and see the notice at the bottom of it. I never see any other update notice at all, and I'd like to know that we are getting a new version! :)

    Is there any way we could sign up for a notification (as beta testers)? Or just keep looking at the top of the beta discussion forum where you have the 'current beta' item pinned? (Of course, I will stumble across it in the mini eventually....)

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    Hi guys,

    @lumarel, that is what we're doing, drawing an invisible window but it requires more to make it truly invisible. If we're going to spend that time to do it, we might just focus on fixing the original problem instead. This is just fastest way to restore the keyboard shortcut support until we can get to moving the keyboard shortcut registration process out of the main UI thread.

    @leesweet, the update notice shows up in both the main 1Password window and 1Password mini. If you click on 'x', then it'll remove it in the other window as well. The notice is or should be persistent, meaning you have to dismiss it manually by clicking on 'x'. If you close 1Password app, then the banner will be dismissed.

    Is there any way we could sign up for a notification (as beta testers)?

    At this moment, no. As of 1Password 7, we no longer use any service to serve updates and to notify users like HockeyApp in the previous version. Anyone could just enable beta updates in 1Password without registering for it, which means we have no way to notify anyone.

    All release notes will always be available at our changleog site: and you can find 1Password 7 for Windows beta here:

    You could use a service to monitor changes made to that page and notify you.

  • Thanks for the info. Somehow, I only get the 'updates' in the mini, probably because I use it a lot more (as we read more than add new entries, of course!).

    I do use the change notification service for some pages, and that's a good idea.

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    You're welcome!

  • Oh ok, thank you for that information :chuffed:
    So I will look forward to the future change, when it gets moved from the UI thread :+1:

    I have also only noticed the update message in the 1Pmini. Problably also because I use it so much more intense.

  • brentybrenty

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    Same here. I use 1Password mini more than anything else. Thanks again for not only participating in the beta, but also for your feedback on the update process! We'll continue to refine both over time. Cheers! :)

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