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I want to echo the request from @mikl, but for a different use case.

Using the copy command I inadvertently copied an entry into the wrong vault. I deleted the entry, but then wanted to also remove it from the trash. There was no way to do this without deleting the entire trash, and I like to not empty the trash too often since it helps to recover things deleted by mistake. I know 1P agrees with that logic, since there is a trash can that holds things as long as desired rather than an immediate delete or an empty trash on quit each time.

1Password Version: 6.8.8 (688002)
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: OS/X 10.13.4
Sync Type: 1P Team & Family


  • hesspaulhesspaul Junior Member

    After looking a little more closely, I don't think the trash is shared. It just seems to be local to your device. In this case, most of my concerns are no longer relevant.

    (not sure where to even find the trash on iOS, but I compared laptop to cloud and they had different trash items)

  • Trash is per vault and part of the vault. If you're using a 1Password account, you should indeed see the same trash on all devices. (Except that, as you noticed, the iOS app doesn't show the trash at all.)

    I do agree that it would be nice with more fine-grained control over the trash. Personally, I keep the trash empty all the time precisely because of the inability to delete single items.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @hesspaul - @pervel is right on the money: iOS does not display the trash so you can't manipulate it from there. You can empty the trash from All Vaults view, but you're also correct that you can switch to an individual vault and see only that vault's trashed items (just like you can see only the active items in that vault as well). Emptying the trash under that condition would of course only empty it for the selected vault.

    One potential tip I can give (which I do myself) is: instead of trashing items I no longer think I'll need actively (closed accounts, whatever other reasons you may have for putting an account into "disused" status), I created a separate vault which I called "Archives", and instead of using the trash as an ever-expanding pseudo-archive, I now have a real archive vault that I can remove from the All Vaults view in Preferences, but still get to if I need it. This frees up the Trash for stuff I really want to get rid of.

  • hesspaulhesspaul Junior Member
    edited April 2018

    Thanks @Lars and @pervel

    Regarding differences between devices I will check back when I can, but it appeared to me previously that the trash on my OS/X 1P disagreed with the cloud vault trash seen on the web site.

    The separate archive solution seems workable, as long as those entries will not ever appear in a search or in autofill choices.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @hesspaul - the way to make certain that's the case is to visit Preferences > All Vaults and make sure the "Archives" vault is UNchecked in "Show in All Vaults." That will make it such that you'll have to switch intentionally to the Archives vault if you want to search for items in it. Searches in All Vaults will contain no results from anything that's UNchecked in that Preference setting.

  • Hi @Lars

    I use to do as you said, hide my Archive Vault on all the apps that I can, but I cannot do it on the web app.
    It would be nice if the web app also allow you to hide vaults from all vaults view.

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Thanks for the suggestion, @RodriGonca. :)


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