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Just created a new team account for testing, imported some info into the default private vault. Now i want to delete the vault but can't find the option anywhere. How do we delete a Vault?

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    @kurtd - you can't delete a Private vault; it's one of the built-in default vaults. You can certainly trash all the items in it, and empty the trash (leaving it empty). If this was a "test" invitee to an existing 1Password Teams or 1Password Business account, you can delete the "person" by clicking the People link in the right sidebar of your account (assuming you're an administrator), clicking the "test" person's name, then "More Actions" underneath their name, and finally "Delete User."

  • kurtdkurtd Junior Member

    I'm the only user in the account so far and it's a private vault. Imported data and now i want to start over with a clean vault to do the import again. Trashing each item will take a long time. I don't understand why I can't trash the vault and have a new private vault created.

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    Trashing each item will take a long time.

    Depending on how much dummy data you imported, I can see where that might be the case. However, it's a limitation of the web interface, and it's not present in the 1Password native application(s). If you are willing to visit our downloads page and grab the appropriate app for your situation (no cost to download and install), you can sign into your account within the app(s).

    Once you've done that, you'll be able to use Command (or Control) + A to select all records and move them to the trash, empty the trash, and begin again.

  • I would like to revisit this issue of deleting the private vault. I know it technically doesn't hurt to have it there if not used, but 99% of users are not sophisticated users (aka rest of my family). Having anything more than 1 option for them makes things confusing. If there were a way to delete the private vault that would be great, then we just use a shared vault in our family. They would never see the private vault. Yes we can hide it from all vaults, but already they will find it (just clicking the vault list in 1password 7) and many questions and confusion arise. So... All vaults should be deletable, including the private vault. Please add that feature to your request list.

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    @pinskerj - when we begin designing something, we have to start somewhere, using some set of assumptions/building blocks. One of those is that users will want to have vaults. After all, 1Password is just a pretty UI if you don't store anything in it. ;) While we've added some pretty fancy architecture for sharing data, creating multiple additional vaults, etc, the building blocks -- the default vault -- has always been assumed to be the individual user's personal/private vault. Even in a family or other group where you're willing to share everything, there's a strong reason to have separate individual ("Private") vaults. Each member will almost certainly have their own login credentials for sites like Facebook, Gmail, and potentially several other sites. Yes, you could store ALL of them in a shared vault, but then you'd have four or five credentials all labeled "Facebook" that will pop-up everytime you try logging into Facebook -- and the same would be the case for numerous other high-traffic sites where many people have one or more logins. It quickly becomes quite a mess indeed if all those are within a single vault. You might accidentally use your sister's credentials to log into Facebook, or - worse - sign into HER bank account when you thought you were signing into your own, because you both use the same bank.

    It's not that we think people are secretive or should keep their information from their trusted family members, it's that each person is an individual, and while it makes sense to share the family Netflix password (you only typically have one account per family), for a lot of other stuff, people DO have different, individual credentials for the same sites.

    All of that ^^ said, we are looking at potentially allowing users to be able to hide the Private vault, but we've nothing to announce on that score at the moment. Thanks for sharing your wishes with us, however! :)

  • Hiding it would be perfect, that's a great idea, thank you.

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    @pinskerj - to be clear, those kinds of decisions are AMPG™ (Above My Pay Grade) around here, so I want to make clear that I'd be misleading you if I said I knew for certain we were going to do this...but it's one of the options under discussion. Stay tuned, keep an eye on release notes and updates. Cheers! :)

  • i also want private vault to be hidden

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this @ComputrExPrt! :+1:

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