New section here in the forum for 1Password X for Firefox

I was searching some things around here and since the 1Password X is only under Chrome version, it is kind of hard to distinguish between the chrome topics and FF topics (if it is not mentioned inside the title, etc.).

Maybe it would be great to create a separate Topics for Firefox versions?

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  • daltondalton

    Team Member

    Thanks for the suggestion, @ondrejfuhrer! Since 1Password X supports multiple browsers, not just Chrome and Firefox, I'm not sure if creating a separate topic for Firefox (or any other supported browser) would add much benefit. While there are cases where an issue might only be present in a specific browser, the majority of reported issues are present across all browsers that 1Password X is used in. We can certainly consider some way to make certain issues stand out if they prove difficult to find, however. 🙂

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