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JadCJadC 1Password Alumni

I was wondering if it possible to change the default vault that 1P X searches through for login details because I have a login archive vault that has a lot of "junk" logins that I may not need anymore, but still come up as suggestions in certain login scenarios (e.g. my old college application login comes up in my university login page along with my regular account credentials).

Is it possible to blacklist a vault from search results?

1Password Version: 1P 7 Latest Beta
Extension Version: 1P X 1.8 BETA
OS Version: 10.14.3
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • daltondalton

    Team Member

    Hey @jadchaar! If you click the vault icon in the top left corner of the popup, you can select a specific vault for 1Password X to show results for when searching. 1Password X will reset to search in All Vaults upon restarting your browser, though, so that may not be what you're after.

    Alternatively, it's possible to prevent specific vaults from showing up in suggested Logins and when searching. If you select the vault icon in the top left corner of the popup then click the gear icon in the top right corner, you should be shown on/off switches next to each vault. By flipping the switch off for a vault, that tells 1Password X not to display items in that vault when suggesting Logins in the inline menu and when searching. I'm not sure if you're using Chrome or Firefox, but just so you're aware, there's currently a bug that prevents the vault preferences from being saved after the popup is closed in Firefox. You should be able to acheive the result you're after in Chrome or another browser, though.

  • JadCJadC 1Password Alumni

    I am using Chrome most of the time, and that solution works great! Thanks @DaltonD

  • daltondalton

    Team Member

    Wonderful! I personally love this feature so I hope it works well for you too. 🙂

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