How to search/bookmark by tag in 1Password for Windows 4?

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  • I'm curious . . . is there a way to search/bookmark by tag in 1Password for Windows? I'm currently using version I have a tag "2factor" that I've added to those records that have 2FA and I'd love to be able to click a link on the left to see them all quickly. But on the left I only see categories and folders. Am I missing something? Thanks!

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    @jbs: By default, 1Password 4 for Windows only searches titles, but if you click the magnifying glass next to the search field and select "Search All Fields", you can then search for tags to filter that All folder down to only items with your 2factor tag. Tags aren't in the sidebar in 1Password 4 since it was designed during the folders era, but they are in sidebar in 1Password 7, currently available in beta, if that's your preference. One thing to be aware of its that 1Password 7 is tags-only, so any folders you have will also be converted to tags if you decide it give it a go. 1Password 7 is also a paid upgrade from 1Password 4, so that's something else to keep in mind. :+1:

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