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5uck3rpunch5uck3rpunch Junior Member
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I have a Pixel XL running the new Android P beta with 1Password Version 7.0 BETA 8. The app crashes when you try to add any new item with the + button in the bottom right when you are in a category like "Logins". Just letting you know.

1Password Version: Version 7.0 BETA 8.
_Extension Version:
Not Provided
OS Version: Android P
_Sync Type:
Not Provided


  • periperi

    Team Member
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    Hi @5uck3rpunch. Are you using a standalone vault or a account? If you're using a standalone vault, this is a known issue and our development team is hoping to have a fix out very soon.

    ref: OPA-1550

  • 5uck3rpunch5uck3rpunch Junior Member

    I use the standalone vault. Thank you.

  • EnerJiEnerJi Community Moderator
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    I have a different issue with the new Android P beta which I may as well add to this thread. Autofill is not triggering on the User ID field, but is triggering on the password field. I've recreated this on several different apps.

    It's a bit of an inconvenience for those accounts where I've randomly generated the username and have to switch to 1Password and do the 'ole copy and paste routine!


    I've experienced a second issue, where after the Autofill popup is triggered, tapping on the "search magnifier glass" doesn't do anything. Killing 1Password and restarting it did not fix the issue the last time it happened. I noticed it was working again after the next time I rebooted.

    Appears to be the same issue as reported by another user in the non-beta forum:

  • mverdemverde

    Team Member

    @EnerJi the first issue that you're describing sounds like it a known limitation of the current Autofill implementation. 1Password doesn't yet attempt to identify username/email fields if they are by themselves on the screen. For apps with split sign-in screens, this means that 1Password won't offer Autofill until the password field is shown. Note that I said "yet" above... this is something that I'm hoping to improve upon in the near future.

    For the second issue, I've been able to reproduce this on my devices as well. The "search 1Password" row in the Autofill dropdown isn't selectable because of an unforeseen side-effect of a recent change. The good news is that it looks like it will be easy to fix, so we'll do our best to get it into the next beta.

  • When trying to manually add a new item, 1Password force closes on the current Android P beta on my Pixel XL.

    1Password Version: 7.0.BETA-8
    Extension Version: Not Provided
    OS Version: Android P (PPP2.180412.013)
    Sync Type: Not Provided

  • EnerJiEnerJi Community Moderator

    @mverde Sounds great about #2.

    Regarding my first issue, I was aware of the current Autofill limitation with username fields by themselves on the screen. The issue I'm experiencing is specifically with apps that have both the username and password field on the same screen. Tapping in the username field doesn't do anything. Tapping in the password field prompts to Autofill, and when I allow it to autofill, only the password is filled and not the username.

    For example, try the Boost for Reddit app. I just verified that it's working as I describe above.

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @EnerJi: Ah, I see what you mean. I've filed an issue for that. We'll see see what we can do. Thanks for reporting it! :)

    ref: OPA-1561

  • periperi

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    Hi @Stanzilla. I've moved your post to our beta forum and merged it with an existing thread on the subject. I hope you don't mind.

    That said, this is an issue with standalone vaults that we're currently working on a fix for. We hope to have the fix out in a coming update. :)

  • mverdemverde

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    Thanks for clarifying about the first issue @EnerJi. In the case of Boost for Reddit, it appears that there may be something in the HTML used for that webpage that is preventing 1Password from recognizing the username field. It would be helpful if you could provide me with the names of the other apps where you've encountered this so that I can check to see if it's the same issue with the HTML in those cases as well.

  • EnerJiEnerJi Community Moderator

    @mverde I should have noted them down. I confess I cannot remember the other apps where I encountered this issue. :/ I'll keep an eye on my logins and report back if / when I discover some which only trigger on the password field.

    Different issue, but I did find that the Aetna Mobile app isn't triggering Autofill at all:

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @Stanzilla: Thanks! I'm able to reproduce that, and I've filed an issue so we can investigate further into what's blocking 1Password there. Cheers! :)

    ref: android-11

  • I have facing same issue in my Google Pixel running android P Beta 4. While open apps and after sometimes suddenly app stopped working. Can you please help me?

  • mverdemverde

    Team Member

    @Bestusefultips I'm running the latest Android P Beta on my Pixel and I don't encounter any crashing. Could you provide me with any detailed steps to reproduce the issue?

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