1Password Teams feature request: Control connectable devices/platforms per. employee

The title says it all.

In a enterprise setting, being able to control per. employee(and not per Vault) how they connect to 1Password Teams is a must. Particularly given that there is currently no:
-Notification option for admins when a new device is connected by an employee
-The ability to limit the number of connected devices by an employee

This functionality already exists for Vaults. Could it be duplicated per. employee?

90% of our staff should only ever be able to access 1Password Teams from their Windows workstation. To date, we have managed this type of limitation through the device controls that Dropbox Business offers (most of our business is still on 1Password4, but in the process of migrating over).

We're using Duo Security for Access Control and MFA, but this doesn't allow us to block certain devices with Duo Policies.

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  • rickfillionrickfillion Junior Member

    Team Member

    That's a neat idea. It'd be nice for us to have more policies like that. Surprisingly I think this is the first time I've seen a request for this specifically though.


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