Agile Keychain to OPVault conversion: not a smooth process



  • I see, sorry for not being clear enough. The main issue is that I want to be able to use the new vault format (the same opvault) from both my android device and my PC.

  • Thanks @brenty. Doing the vault conversion using 1Password 7 for windows did the trick. I was able to sync using the same vault on Android successfully. I appreciate your help.

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    Sounds good! Thanks for the update. You're very welcome. Glad to hear that you were able to convert it. You should be good to go, but we're here if you need anything else. :chuffed:

  • @brenty I've been a loyal 1Password user since 2014. I'm having similar issues and sentiments as everyone here. I recently reset my computer and updated to a new OS, which meant I also had to update 1Password. It works fine on all of my other devices since they haven't updated, but I can't use it on my laptop.
    Going through and reading all of your responses to customers makes me pretty angry since I also work in customer service. You seem to be an unapologetic ass who can't get over his superiority complex. I'll be happy to take my money and business elsewhere if you're representing the 1Password team.

  • brentybrenty

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    @blackehavoc: Can you clarify? What do you mean "can't use it on my laptop"? Are you getting an error? A crash? Let me know the specific issue you're having and I'll be happy to help. Just keep in mind that namecalling or harassment of any kind isn't allowed here. Glad to have you, so long as you adhere to the guidelines you agreed to when joining the forum the other day. Thanks! :)

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