Feature Request: Sort by Title; Then by Username

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18 titles with the name"Dropbox". Username is shown right below. The sort seems non-sensical to me. Could it be sorted by Username too? Note: Username cropped to the first three characters to preserve privacy but I believe you get the idea.

1Password Version: 7.0.BETA-16 (70000016)
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    Hey @invalidptr! That's a lot of Dropbox accounts mate. :lol: Sorting the username too would be a great idea, I agree. Right now, they're sorted by the item title, then the date the item was created. For folks with a lot of Logins for the same website like this, it'd be nice to have something more refined. I'll chat with the team. :)

  • I think it makes sense to sort by title and then by date created. In my experience, that is not the case. If I have it set up to sort by title then I cannot figure out what the tie-breaking sort is. In my environment, it comes up in terms of software licenses. I like to keep my old ones. The title is the same, but then I cannot figure out how they are sorted after that. For example, I have three versions of Hazel in my 1Password. Versions 2 & 3 & 4. But the entry for 3 sorts before that for 2 and 4 even though the entries were created (as one would expect) in the order of versions

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    Some subscribers have at least two or even more items for some targets Including, for example, Logins, Credit Card, and Software Licenses. In these cases, sorting by creation date is not necessarily optimum, as the items may not have been created in the same order for each Item user, producing inconsistent displays.

    A good way insulate users from changes in 1Password sorting choices in both Favorites and other Categories is to effectively tag an item name with a user/use indicator, as in

    Chase Bank - Sue
    Chase Bank - Tom
    FaceBook - Dad
    FaceBook - Mom
    Parallels Desktop for Mac - V13
    Parallels Desktop for Mac - V14

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    It would be nice to be able to build a sort criteria in the UI, so each of us can access items our way.

    User Zelda might like her Dropbox item sorted above spouse user Aaron, but Aaron would like the reverse. Poor Zelda - always sorted last because mom & dad choose her name from passion over reason.

  • @xz4gb8 that is absolutely the thing I've moved away from. There's no reason to have that information effectively listed twice (once in the title and once in the username).

    @Jacob I too would like to sort by title, then by username, then by vault (or URL). I posted this somewhere else as well where there was overwhelming support for it but I'm too lazy to go and look for it.

    This would work for situations like the Dropbox example above, which is the main use case, where you have differing usernames, but also for something like Slack, where you can register on multiple URLs with the same email.

  • MrCMrC Community Moderator


    The scheme you mention won't work in the case I'm describing. Consider a vault that is shared between multiple people. Each person wants their own items sorted before other's in the vault. Title > Username > Vault sort will always cause Zelda's items to be sorted last in this case. That's exactly what we deal with.

    Each person really does need their own sort criteria within groupings. Consider:

    Dropbox - Aaron
        username: x1284752
    Dropbox - Zelda
        username: abcde776

    A to Z sorting is great for Aaron, and for most users who want the titles sorted A-Z. But it doesn't work for Zelda, and Zelda probably doesn't want to see a Z-A sort for all Titles. And you shouldn't sort by username, since username should generally be considered a random string of characters (every account is different, and often you have little to no control over this value).

    There is no simple set of rules that will sort based on Title, Username, and Vault that will work. To sort reliably for everyone, there must be a set of fields and criteria to perform sorts on those fields, sort within groupings (of said fields), and these must be per user.

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    @MrC I didn't say that it meets your sort criteria. But your requirements would be 10x more complicated to implement. We're looking for the 20% effort that gets users 80% of the way to the goal.

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    Some interesting ideas here. Thank you all! :)

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