1Password disappeared from Windows10

When I went to my desktop this morning (Windows10 x64, build 1803) error (see screen shot above) was on desktop. Retry was unsuccessful. All pieces of 1P on desktop are now missing. What happened? How do I restore app and data? I still have working 1P on phone but that is now all. I had latest version of desktop (but now since missing cant give any info below)

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  • brentybrenty

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    @eelliott: Interestingly, that looks a lot like my Surface Pro! It's impossible to say for certain what's causing this, except that it isn't 1Password; it will not delete itself. :lol:

    In all seriousness though, the most common thing we see with similar cases is that some overzealous "security" software is interfering. The error in your screenshot seems to indicate that 1Password has tried to update, removed the old version, but is unable to move the new one -- perhaps because it's been deleted, quarantined, or simply denied access. Are you using something other than Windows Defender?

  • Only thing other than Defender is AntiMalwareBytes Ransomware Protection

  • What can I do to fix this?

  • I checked AMB and 1P was not quarantined nor were any threats or actions taken in last 24 hrs which I’d when this error occurred, so looks like AMB is not the issue

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    @eelliott sorry for this issue, it could happen because 1Password was running at the moment of update. This may happen when browser attempts to restore connection to the app. Try closing your browsers and run installer again (installer can be found here https://app-updates.agilebits.com/product_history/OPW6). You data is stored separately from the app and is not affected by update process. Hope that helps :)

  • Oops I may have added some confusion, sorry. When I went to download I only then remembered that I was running latest v7 Beta (7.0.543) and I wonder if auto-update was on (which I normally turn off) and it tried to install a recent v6 on top of v7? Now when I try to reinstall my downloaded installer of v7 it won't work either, same error as what I sent in the screen shot. I'm going to try to completely uninstall and reinstall - hoping I don't lose my license key or data in the process.

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    The license key will be saved in Windows already, so you shouldn't even have to reapply it. But we can always help if you run into any trouble. Let us know how it goes! :)

  • Ok, more and more confused. I ran the uninstaller from "Programs & Features", said it completely uninstalled the app. Tried to reinstall 7.0.543 that I had downloaded. Same error. Went looking in Program Files, both 32&64 bit. No folders for 1P. Rebooted. Tried again. Same error. but after reboot the desktop icon for v7 was back! but doesn't work. I then finally located in /user/appdata/local/1Password/logs/setup an interesting file: update from 7.0.543 to 7.0.552 - which shows failure. I have tried to find on your site a manual download for 7.0.552 but it does not appear anywhere. How do I proceed, as I can't get anywhere at this point?

  • Ok, I think I have finally restored. As of 30 min ago when I went to the beta build page and clicked on the link, I was still getting link to 7.0.443, and found no other way to get to the newer build. After my last message (above) I poked around in the beta forum, found others were having same issue (1Password.exe can't be written over). I then once again went back to the beta download and all of a sudden build .552 was there! So I downloaded that one, but before attempting install went to /users/nn/appdata/local/1Password/app and manually deleted the 1Password.exe file that was there. I then ran the 7.0.552 installer and all appears ok.

    I think there is indeed a bug here, hopefully you will look into this.

  • brentybrenty

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    Thanks for the update! I'm glad you were able to get back up and running. We'll see if we can reproduce this and find a better workaround.

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