Feature request: Update login icon to favicon on current website


I've been using 1Password for almost a month now and I really like it. However, I run into the 'problem' that when I make a new login on my phone, there is no icon included automatically, which is perfectly understandable because of the limitations of iOS. However, it would be nice to be able to quickly update the icon to the favicon of the site you are on while accessing 1Password X for that specific login. Moreover, editing of the logins directly in 1Password X would also be really nice, but I guess you are already working on that.

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  • MitchMitch

    Team Member

    Hey @brum,

    Thanks for the feature request! You can add custom icons to items from 1Password X, but the feature is a bit hidden:

    1. Click Edit on an item to open it on 1Password.com.
    2. Click the icon to open a file browser and choose your custom icon.
    3. Save your item

    But there's a catch: You'll see any custom icons you set in 1Password for iOS, but 1Password X itself doesn't support them yet. It's somewhere on our (long) list, and knowing that you miss this feature is good motivation to make it happen.


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