1Password 7: Where did password generator history go?



  • I have no previous used passwords choice in mine at all anymore in some of my items, in others I do.

  • brentybrenty

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    Indeed, you'd only have "previously used passwords" in a Login item where you'd subsequently changed the password there after creating it. 1Password will not know about any passwords you used prior to you creating the Login item.

  • Add me to the list of people who have lost a generated password. I'm on Chrome, and the password was generated via the 1Password X extension. I accepted the generated password and used it to create a new account for a website (no copying and pasting). 1Password didn't ask me to save the new account, but I figured I could go in and save it myself, only there is no record of the generated password. I've followed the steps from this page: https://support.1password.com/recover-unsaved-password/

    But the generated password is simply not there. The last password entry I have is from several weeks ago. I can create a new password, but I'm baffled by this behavior. I've never had it lose generated passwords before in my many years of using your program.

    I've switched back from 1Password X to the old Chrome extension because of this and other issues. Just seems unreliable to me.

    Also, it's a real pain to get to the Password Generator history in both 1Password mini and in the Chrome extension. It's not an option in the original window that opens. I have to click Edit (where it isn't available either), then click Cancel. Only then can I get to the Password history. It's ridiculously convoluted. Please consider making it easier to get to this info, as it is in the desktop app.

  • Greetings @leebird,

    1Password X does take a very different approach to generated passwords. Instead of creating a Password item visible in your accessible vaults it's saving the password in a special location in the 1Password account. You can view passwords generated by the 1Password X password generator with the following steps.

    1. Visit the site you need to retrieve the generated password from 1Password X.
    2. Click the 1Password X toolbar button and click the + button to the right hand side of the search field.
    3. Select the Password Generator option and then click the Generator History button.

    Any password generated by 1Password X, either via the inline suggested password option or the more configurable password generator in the toolbar interface will be here if it wasn't used when saving/updating a Login item.

    It is correct that an individual Login item's password history is not readily accessible in a direct manner from 1Password mini. It won't save much but slightly fewer clicks is instead of the edit button to click the Pin on Screen button or use the keyboard shortcut ⌘O. That anchors the item and the View Password History button will also be present here. It saves needing to dismiss edit mode so a slight saving and as edit mode uses the same anchored window anyway both need the same actions to dismiss completely.

    I am curious about one thing. Yes the new interface doesn't make this as easy but how often are you needing to access the individual Login item's password history? I would imagine everybody here at 1Password would view this as a rare event and so doesn't need to be right there front and centre in the portion of the UI (User Interface) designed mostly for filling. I would definitely like to better understand your perspective on this topic.

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