1Password.eu currently being blocked in Russia

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Expat living in Moscow.

With the Russian authorities currently playing whack-a-mole in their attempts to block Telegram I have discovered over the last 24 hours that 1Password syncing isn't working on both Windows and Android versions (latest stable versions).

Turning on my VPN solves the problem but is there any other way to get sync working without having to resort to VPN's?

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    @richardburt: Thanks for letting us know! I'm really sorry to hear that. I had thought the worst with the blocking fiasco was over, and that 1Password users has escaped that. :(

    The only way around websites being blocked -- 1Password or otherwise -- is using a VPN though, by making the connection through an endpoint in another location where it is not being blocked. I'm glad to hear that's helping you, and that your VPN isn't also being blocked, even if that can be inconvenient. We'll monitor the situation.

  • A bit more info. It's the .eu site that is blocked. The .com site is still accessible.

    Bloody Putin grr

  • brentybrenty

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    Aha! Thank you for clarifying. I was wondering why we weren't seeing any corroborating reports. The good news is that probably means that 1Password isn't being targeted specifically. Presumably some IPs for AWS in Germany are though. :(

  • brentybrenty

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    @richardburt: After investigating this further, it seems that some 1Password.eu IPs are in the government's block list, but not all ISPs are enforcing this. So it may be that this problem goes away for you later if it isn't being strictly enforced. Here's hoping. :blush:

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    Thanks @brenty

    The Windows desktop & mobile apps now seems to be syncing without needing VPN but earlier this morning web access to 1password.eu is still blocked.

    Hoping it'll soon all clear.

    Edit - the website is now accessible again. Yay!

  • brentybrenty

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    Oh thank god! I thought I was going to have to try to explain why the apps would sync but the website didn't work (this shouldn't be possible, but perhaps there was a temporary caching issue). Glad to hear it's working for you now! :chuffed::+1:

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