How I got 1PW 7 working with Vivaldi

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After I upgraded from 1PW 6 to 1PW 7, I could no longer fill in passwords in Vivaldi and got the "I'll restart my browser" window, which indicated that communication with the 1PW browser extension did not work properly. In other browsers (e.g., Safari), 1PW still worked the way it should.

Restarting the browser and/or 1Password, reinstalling the browser extension, etc. did not help, but here is how I was able to fix the issue on my Macs:

  1. Quit 1Password completely by clicking on the 1PW icon in the menu bar while holding down Ctrl & Alt and then choosing "Quit 1Password Completely"
  2. Quit Vivaldi
  3. In Finder, go to ~/Library/Application Support/Vivaldi/NativeMessagingHosts/ and rename "" to "" (just to make sure it won't get overwritten in the next step, in case you want to revert these steps)
  4. Then go to ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/NativeMessagingHosts/ and copy the file "" to ~/Library/Application Support/Vivaldi/NativeMessagingHosts/
  5. Launch 1Password
  6. Launch Vivaldi

If 1PW 7 is working fine with Vivaldi for you, you don't need to do anything. It's possible that I had these issues only because I did something similar (instead of waiting for an official fix) last summer after 1PW's switch to native messaging to get the browser extension working again with Vivaldi.

But if you are experiencing the same issues with 1PW 7 and Vivaldi as I did, the steps above will hopefully prevent you from having to downgrade to 1PW 6. :smile:

1Password Version: 7.0.1
Extension Version:
Vivaldi Version: 1.16.1183.3
OS Version: macOS 10.12.6
Sync Type: Dropbox


  • Thanks @NSPredicate worked perfectly 😀

  • Hi @NSPredicate & @dodgie,

    You can actually go one further and simply delete the entire NativeMessagingHosts in ~/Library/Application Support/Vivaldi/ and it will all work.

    When we first started using native messaging there was a bug in Vivaldi where it didn't use the existing Chrome support folder for NativeMessagingHosts. Our recommendation was to manually create the folder and copy the JSON over. Some time ago Vivaldi corrected this so Vivaldi will use the Chrome support folder but it allows you to override it which is what we had unintentionally being telling users to do. If you delete the entire folder and restart Vivaldi it will use the existing Chrome folder and directly use the JSON written to disk by 1Password.

    The advantage of doing this is that should 1Password need to write a modified JSON to disk it will write it to the Chrome support folder. If you copy the the JSON you'll have to go through the steps again. If you delete the folder Vivaldi will automatically pick it up without needing any assistance.

    I apologise to all our Vivaldi users for causing this hiccup.

  • I had a feeling it was something like that. Thanks for the clarification, @littlebobbytables!

  • Happy to be of service :smile:

  • Thank you @littlebobbytables ! This worked for me as well.

  • This is why I do love the public nature of the forum, one reply can help many people :smile: Glad to hear Vivaldi is working again for you, I do like it as a browser.

  • Hi

    I have the same problem but can't resolve whit this. Any other suggestions? I'm using 1password 6.8.


  • Hi @Andi_bz,

    Can you try the steps detailed on our support page If you see “1Password can’t save or fill” when you open your browser please, just the steps under the header For all browsers.

    1Password should have guided you to that page but if for any reason it didn't then it ought to help. As Vivaldi is based on Chromium it uses a particular Chrome support folder for native messaging. That folder may not exist though if you've never installed Chrome and 1Password is not allowed to create the required folder. The steps will ensure the correct folder is in place which 1Password can then use when it next starts. Quitting the browser and 1Password completely are critical steps as is the ordering.

    If that doesn't correct the issue do let me know. I'm a Vivaldi user myself so I can at least confirm it does continue to work with both 1Password 6 and 7.

  • Hi,

    This doesn't solve my problem. Upgraded to 1Password 7. Still same error

  • ag_kevinag_kevin Junior Member

    Team Member

    Hi @Andi_bz ,

    When you removed the NativeMessageHosts, did you recreate it again? Also, are you logged into your Mac as an admin or a regular user?


  • Hi,

    yes the NativeMessageHosts exist in my ~/Library/Application\ Support/Vivaldi/ folder.

    I'm a regular user with admin rights(if i sudo or su).


  • rudyrudy

    Team Member
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    Deleting that folder is an option if you also have chrome installed. We only populate the native message hosts folders for chrome and Firefox.

    If you don’t use chrome and as a result don’t have the NMH folder or JSON file inside of it then you’ll want to manually create ~/Library’s/Application Support/Google/Chrome so that 1Password can create the necessary file for Vivaldi to work.

  • Hi,

    i have google chrome installed for testing purpose.
    In both folder is the same file.

  • Hi @Andi_bz,

    When you say both folders, do you still have a NativeMessageHosts folder in Vivaldi? I would recommend deleting the entire folder. Back with 1Password 6.8 we found Vivaldi insisted on its own NativeMessageHosts folder but this was by accident, the Vivaldi designers intended it to use the Chrome folder but one too many references to Chrome were removed. Now Vivaldi will use that folder if present but if the NativeMessageHosts folder simply doesn't exist it will use the Chrome one which is what I would recommend. Otherwise the JSON file in the Vivaldi folder can become out-of-date given our initial suggested steps were to copy the JSON over but it is one 1Password doesn't maintain or update.

  • Hi,

    i have removed the complete folder ~/Library’s/Application Support/Google/Chrome and ~/Library’s/Application Support/Vivaldi. Removed both application from my Mac. Reinstall both application with 1password extension. Still same crash if i close the last window with cmd+w

  • Greetings @Andi_bz,

    Everything we've been doing and especially surrounding the NativeMessageHosts is about whether you can fill in Vivaldi. There is a another issue where Vivaldi may crash when you close a window but that is quite separate from a working extension. I experience the same issue myself and it's one I hope Vivaldi can correct as it's only Vivaldi that currently has this issue with our Chromium extension.

    Can you fill in Vivaldi or are you still experiencing an issue there?

  • Hi,

    the extension is working, but vivaldi crash when i close last window :/

  • Greetings @Andi_bz,

    So while far from ideal that is a known bug and separate from everything else. As long as you can fill when Vivaldi isn't crashing then everything relating to native messaging is in the right place and working.

    I do believe the fix to stop the last window crashing in Vivaldi will ultimately have to be something that is fixed in Vivaldi rather than our extension. This is based on a couple of points.

    1. The crashing in Vivaldi only started in the last couple of updates to Vivaldi. Prior to that there was no crashing. The version of our extension hasn't changed recently and it's the same version that worked fine in the older versions of Vivaldi.
    2. The same extension, the exact same extension is used by Chrome, Opera and Brave as well as Vivaldi. So far crash reports are limited to Vivaldi only.
    3. I do not think it would be unfair to say that no extension should be capable of crashing a browser. The browser controls the entire environment which the extension resides in and the extension doesn't work at a sufficiently low enough level to be doing anything funky. I can imagine a badly written native application might be able to crash an operating system given you could write something in assembler if you're so inclined. The extension can only use JavaScript and APIs supplied by the browser.

    That's pretty much why I feel the fix will need to be in Vivaldi but I could find myself wrong. For now though users of Vivaldi and our extension do find Vivaldi is prone to crashing when a window is closed.

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