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I'm wondering what others are doing in a circumstance similar to the following. For example, I have a iPhone app for my bank, for which the userID is difficult to remember because it is my acct#, and the pw is difficult to remember because it is secure. If I open the banking app and want to login, this opens a independent login window ... I then I switch to 1Pw for copying the userID, but when I return to the app the independent window has closed, so I open it again an paste the userID. So I then switch back to 1Pw for copying the pw, but when I switch back to the app, the window is again gone, and if I open it again it has forgotten the userID. Therefore I am forced to memorize one or the other, and my 60yo brain just isn't working this well anymore.

Is there anything I am missing with respect to 1Pw interfacing as well with apps as it does with web browsers?

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    Wow, that is awful, rarewolf! :(

    I guess I am fortunate in that I haven't encountered anything like that. It definitely doesn't lend well to using a secure password. I know better, but I would definitely be tempted to use a less secure password to make it less cumbersome! It actually isn't possible for iOS apps like 1Password to integrate with each other, or we would be all over that. Maybe in the future Apple will introduce a secure way of transmitting data between apps. I can dream, can't I? ;)

    I think that what I would have to do in your situation is use something like Diceware to generate a memorable passphrase. These are extremely secure (depending on how long your bank allows passwords to be). Jeff wrote an awesome blog post on the subject, and I encourage you to check it out. Beyond that, you can certainly give the bank some much needed feedback on the usability of their app. And maybe they have a mobile version of their website that would be less troublesome.

    I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, just let me know! :)
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