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is 1password X a pwa? if not are there any plans to make it one?

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    By PWA, I'm guessing that you mean a Progressive Web App. Looking at [the checklist], let's see how many 1Password X is able to tick:

    Use HTTPS

    This applies slightly differently to us but I think we're good here. The extension is downloaded over HTTPS. It connects over TLS to with additional protections. And the extension itself is code signed and cryptographically verified by the browser.

    All app URLs load while offline and First load fast even on 3G

    1Password X maintains a local cache of your accounts' data so you can use 1Password without an internet connection and your data is loaded quickly on each launch regardless of connection speed.

    Site works cross-browser

    1Password works in Chrome, Firefox, and Opera and much of the code is shared. I think we succeed here.

    Page transitions don't feel like they block on the network

    The local cache rescues us again!

    Each page has a URL and Canonical URLs are provided when necessary

    This isn't quite how 1Password X works, but the web app, which 1Password X relies on for some features such as editing, does provide unique urls even including your items, which are linked by their vault and item UUID.

    Any app install prompts are not used excessively

    Currently, 1Password X doesn't communicate with any native apps, but this is something we want to explore in the future.

    First load very fast even on 3G

    I think if you're on 3G, the first load of 1Password X is going to take some time because it has to connect to the server and download all your various vaults and items. We should look into making this faster, but we also don't want to alarm users if they are able to unlock their vault but then do not see all their items. But this is likely something we could improve on.

    Site uses cache-first networking

    Yep! Local cache to the rescue.

    Site appropriately informs the user when they're offline

    1Password X works offline, but perhaps we could do a better job of indicating offline status. That being said, when you navigate to a web page, the internet will tell you you're offline whether 1Password does or not. :smile:

    A few of the items I skipped because they don't really apply to 1Password X:

    • Pages are responsive on tablets & mobile devices
    • Metadata provided for Add to Home screen
    • Site's content is indexed by Google
    • metadata is provided where appropriate
    • Social metadata is provided where appropriate
    • Pages use the History API
    • Content is easily shareable from standalone or full screen mode
    • When tapped, inputs aren't obscured by the on screen keyboard
    • Site is responsive across phone, tablet and desktop screen sizes
    • The Add to Home Screen prompt is intercepted

    One area where I think we can improve most is "Content doesn't jump as the page loads". We've experienced some issues with the content of the popup and the content in the inline menu being a touch jumpy. We've made some improvements so I think we're much better here than we were, but this continues to be a place we try to improve and nail that last 5%.

    So, overall, while 1Password X isn't exactly a web app, I think we handle things elegantly, in a way that would qualify us as a responsive use of web technologies.

    I hope that helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

    Edit: I updated this post to go beyond the "Baseline Progressive Web App Checklist" to include the rest of the categories.

    Jamie Phelps
    Code Wrangler @ 1Password
    Fort Worth, Texas

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    very detailed reply. as the web moves forward and more stuff goes online this is becoming more and more essential. since ipassword doesn't work on linux im currently using 1password x on chrome and it works great. i would say 1password x on linux works better then 1password native app on windows 10.

  • I'm glad Jamie answered as his response is far superior to anything I could have come up with. If you have any other questions please let us know (and we'll get Jamie to reply :tongue:)

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    I don't know about other people but for me, PWA is very useful and convenient. Let' check it [link removed] out

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Did you read @jxpx777's reply above?
    1Password X already ticks most if not all of the boxes to be considered a PWA.


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