Support for router auth windows?

Latest 1PW 7 beta does not work with my DD-WRT auth router authentication window.

It will not auto-fill anything inside the fields even when prompted.

Is this expected and if so, any plans? I remember I was told 1PW 4 it takes a lot of effort, but the re-built code base, any chance?

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  • GregGreg

    Team Member

    Hi there @mia,

    Thank you for reaching out!

    This router authentication window looks like a modal window outside of your browser, so 1Password is not able to fill your credentials there. We have plans to bring Auto-Type (our feature that would allow you to fill credentials in other windows, like in 1Password 4) to our new 1Password for Windows in the future, but it takes time. In the meantime, I can suggest you to use the following workaround:

    1) Open 1Password mini by pressing Ctrl+Alt+\ on your keyboard.
    2) Find the item you need there and right-click on it.
    3) Choose what you want to copy to clipboard (username or password)
    4) Paste it to your auth window.

    Please let me know if it works for you. Thanks in advance!


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    Is there any projection of when this will be available? For me, this is a feature that, along with handling Windows authentication windows such as Quicken vault password, is sorely missed. I might mention that the keyboard shortcuts Tab along with Ctrl + Shift + C is very useful in this situation.
    Good day,

  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    No ETA at this time, @DoctorBrown. With that said, another thing that can be handy is drag and drop from 1Password X, if you so happen to use it. On the one hand, 1Password X does live in your browser so that can be more or less convenient depending on your computing habits, but if you're like me and tend to have a browser on half your screen essentially all the time, it can be a fair bit faster than using mini from your system tray. :+1:

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    I haven't noticed any performance issues with the Mini window. I have experimented with 1P-X along side the 1P browser/desktop app. Since 1P-X lives in the browser I can't see how it would handle the Windows Authentication windows except via cut/paste. With the Mini at least I can use the keyboard shortcuts. And there are some disadvantages to having both active at the same time. Such as having to enter the master password more times, and having both active in browser creates interesting interactions on some web pages where both are trying to fill and/or capture passwords.
    I've commented before on the schism between 1P and 1P-X and the UI differences. I look forward to a time when there is a common look and feel to them both or have only one browser app/plugin.

  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    In principle, I agree with you, @DoctorBrown, but I have to admit I'm a bit nervous about the idea. I love 1Password X. It's easier to navigate with the keyboard, in my opinion, gives me easier access to info in my browser, and overall I don't really notice the need to unlock twice. I have longer autolock timers generally and almost always have a browser on half my screen so that setup just works really well for me. Coincidentally, that's also why I recommend it for filling in apps. If you're like me and keep a browser open, Ctrl + Shift + X and drag the item from 1Password X to the app works really well. If you don't keep a browser open, though, you're right – probably not as handy. As they say, different strokes and all that.

    Anyway, I would be all about 1Password X being the standard. With that said, though, I've talked with a number of folks who far and away prefer mini as it is today. I know nothing we do is ever going to make everyone happy so I don't see us maintaining what is ultimately a somewhat confusing collection of options indefinitely just because some folks aren't thrilled with the latest ideas we've had, but it's not quite as easy a decision as it might seem at first. I'm sure changes will come and the two will at the least start moving towards a more unified experience, but time will tell just what that will look like and how much of 1Password X takes over and how much of mini will stick around.

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