Secure Notes stop opening when a browser is running

Whenever I want to view a secure note, which I do quite frequently, I just click the 1P icon down in the notification area of Windows to bring up 1P mini and then click the secure note which causes it to open.

The problem is that if you have a browser running on the computer, even in a minimized state, clicking the secure note no longer works. Instead clicking just closes 1P mini.

This is quite confusing and unless you understand the issue is related to a browser running it just appears as though 1P has stopped working. The only reason i’m aware of this is because Brenty informed me during an email discussion about it.

Why can’t secure notes continue to open even when a browser is running? Notes can’t be filled in to a browser so the functionally to just open the secure note for viewing remains regardless of whether a browser is running or not.

To get around this I'm training myself to always hold the control key down whenever I click the 1P icon in the notification icon to ensure it always opens directly to the main 1P window so I can continue view notes regardless of what’s currently running.

Is there any chance this issue will be addressed before the final release as presumably this isn’t by design? If not is there the possibility of adding a setting so that clicking 1P icon opens the main 1P window so I can bypass 1P mini all together?


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    Hi @reck,

    Thanks for reporting this.

    This will not be addressed in time for the initial 7.0 release but we will address it in a future update.

    There is no plan to change how 1Password opens from the system tray area, it will always open 1Password mini unless you control + click to open the main interface or you pin 1Password to the taskbar. Windows have shortcuts to open pinned apps, so if 1Password is the first pinned app on the taskbar, press the Windows key + 1 to open it.

    However, 1Password mini will not always be like this. We have plans to overhaul 1Password mini entirely in the future, we still want to add a detail viewer to it, so that you can view its details or edit as well without having the open the main 1Password app.

    For now, you can also right-click on the Secure Note item or other categories and right-click to select View in 1Password.

  • Can’t you use truelauchbar, fast keys or even -An AHK script to open 1PW main with a keyboard shortcut?

  • @MikeT Good to hear a 1P mini overhaul is in the works, this little "Feature" is really the only annoying thing I can find about version 7, it really is a great app.

    @mia Of course we could resort to external keyboard shortcuts, scripts, 3rd party apps etc to fill in the gaps but it's not a realistic solution for most people.

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    I agree, it is not realistic to expect everyone to do this if they want. Pinning 1Password to the taskbar and using Windows shortcut (Win key + digit) is far easier to do.

    this little "Feature" is really the only annoying thing I can find about version 7, it really is a great app.

    That's really nice to hear and we have a lot of cool stuff coming soon too. It's going to get better and better soon.

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