Family + Team access from a Mac App Store individual annual subscription

It seems like I have many taken the incorrect route because there doesn't appear to be any way to share vaults.

In the past, I have shared via Dropbox syncing, which appears to be deprecated, so how should I go about obtaining or creating or changing my current Mac App Store account to be able to share a vault with work/team and home/family?

Should I cancel and send you an email? Do all my coworkers and family members also have to sign-up as well or can I manage that?

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  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hi @boostventilator,

    Sharing is handled within each membership (sharing across memberships is not currently possible). So each person you want to share with will need a 1Password account in the same membership you are. Each person will set up their own credentials (Master Password) after being invited by the family organizer or team administrator.

    If you have two groups to share with — work and family, it probably makes the most sense to have both a 1Password Families membership and a 1Password Teams or 1Password Business membership. One of the advantages of going to 1Password Business over 1Password Teams is that it includes a complementaty 1Password Families membership for each business member. I’d suggest reaching out to our business team to discuss. They’d be in the best position to guide you on the best path forward. They can be reached at [email protected]. With your email it may be helpful to include a link to this thread:



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