Standalone licenses are sold in the 1Password 7 for Mac application (download required)



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    @xsm: Nope. A license for 1Password allows you to use the specific version you paid for on any compatible devices. So if you bought 1Password for Mac version 7, you can use that on a Mac at work, a Mac at home, on the moon, etc. -- the sky is the limit...or not. ;)

  • Thanks for the quick reply.

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    You're very welcome! Happy yo help. :chuffed:

  • I’m a long Time 1PASSWORD user and currently running version 6, 1 user and I only use 1 vault. I see that there is now a version 7 and it requires a new purchase with no upgrade pricing.
    What is different in version 7 over version 6?
    At my age (about to turn 70) I just don’t see the benefit of a monthly subscription as I’m the only user. Unless of course you can tell me differently
    What is the current price for version 7 Eg is there still a discounted price?
    If I upgraded to 7 where do I download and ensure I get the discounted price if applicable?

  • If I’m using a subscription plan and it is not renewed when the Yr is up does it stop working h Eg I no longer have access to my passwords nor ability to export or hard copy?

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    There are a lot of benefits to 1Password membership even for a single user. To highlight a few:

    1. You never have to worry about if you are licensed for a particular version or platform. If we release a new version or if you switch to Windows from Mac (for example) as long as your subscription is current you are covered.
    2. Syncing is handled automatically without any manual configuration required. By signing into your membership account on each device all of your data will be available to you.
    3. If your device(s) are lost, damaged, or stolen you can still access your 1Password data via our web interface until you're able to replace, repair, or recover your devices.
    4. Automatic off-site backups are included so in the event of a house fire or other disaster your data isn't lost.
    5. Estate planning becomes much easier. If you'd like you can leave a filled-in copy of your Emergency Kit for your executor / heir(s) so they can access your 1Password data.

    If I’m using a subscription plan and it is not renewed when the Yr is up does it stop working h Eg I no longer have access to my passwords nor ability to export or hard copy?

    Memberships that are not paid for become "frozen." In the frozen state it is possible to view and export your data, but not to edit it or add further.

    I hope that helps. Should you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to ask.


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    I've spent the better part of an hour researching whether or not:
    1) I'm able to upgrade my MAS purchased product with a standalone license, and
    2) What I'll have to pay to do so.
    I understand and accept that you prefer for people to purchase subscriptions and push that model. But why, as a loyal customer for several versions, do I have to spend an hour trying to figure out pricing and upgrades? If you are going to offer standalone pricing and an upgrade path, make it simple and transparent rather than wasting your customers time by obfuscating how to do so and what it will cost. Read all the posts dealing with this topic and step back and think how this looks from a customer's perspective. We are the ones writing the checks and based on my read, have spoken clearly. Unfortunately, our voices have fallen on deaf ears.

    LOVE the product

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    Thanks for the feedback @peterjmorgan. I'm sorry that the information you are looking for is not more readily available. We are no longer marketing standalone licenses, so you won't find any information about them on our marketing pages. That said, we do recognize that some folks prefer the licensing model and are comfortable with having to configure syncing via a 3rd party service. As such we've continued to make licenses available. Licenses are regularly $65 USD + tax, but for a limited time (which may end at any time) they are currently available for $50 USD + tax. They are only available for sale within the 1Password 7 application itself, and only when it is downloaded from our website (the MAS no longer sells 1Password licenses).

    I hope that helps!


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    I'm new to "1Password" and would like to use a standalone license instead of a membership. But I have one question: The following is written in the blog...

    "Licenses are per-person, per-platform so you can use your single license on as many Macs as you have."

    I only want to use "1Password" alone. But am I able to use "1Password" on my iPhone, when buying a license for the Windows version? And if yes how am I able to sync passwords when I don't have a membership?

    Sorry for the stupid questions... ;)

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hey @DenalB

    Would you mind elaborating about what interests you in standalone licensing? As mentioned above we're really not marketing that option anymore. The best way to use 1Password is going to be with a membership. That route is going to provide the best experience.

    To answer your questions:

    I only want to use "1Password" alone. But am I able to use "1Password" on my iPhone, when buying a license for the Windows version? And if yes how am I able to sync passwords when I don't have a membership?

    With a 1Password for Windows license you would be able to utilize a limited feature set of 1Password for iOS. We offer an in-app purchase (called "Pro features") for standalone customers who want more features:

    Pro features in 1Password for iOS

    With a standalone vault you'd be able to sync your data between Windows and iOS using Dropbox, if not using a 1Password membership. If using a membership the sync is handled by 1Password without the need for a 3rd party sync service.

    How to sync 1Password with Dropbox

    Sorry for the stupid questions... ;)

    As the old saying goes... the only stupid question is the one that goes unasked. :)


  • @DenalB The 1Password X extension works really amazing as well, like Ben mentions no need to worry about syncing and you can use your membership on multiple devices.

  • Hi @Ben , hi @Tomatoshadow2 ,

    Thanks for answering my questions / helping.

    Why I want to use a standalone license? I don't want to host my passwords in a cloud of a developer of my password manager software. That's why I stoped using "LastPass". I want to use a local database with all my important things like passwords or identities in it. And for syncing to my smartphone I want my password manager to save the database file in a 3rd party cloud like Dropbox, OneDrive or may be OwnCloud / WebDAV on my NAS.

    If I'm using a membership all of my passwords are there in the web-frontend (cloud) of "1Password". For me it is a strange thing to protect my passwords and identities and then upload them to "1Password". I know that without my master password you or anybody else are not able to read all my passwords, but still there is a strange feeling...

    I'm a little bit confused of all these memberships. Like in old times I want to buy a software once and be able to use it as long as I want. ;)

    Best regards

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    I'd encourage you to take a read through these two documents before making your decision:

    About 1Password membership

    About the 1Password security model

    And if you want to get into the real nitty gritty of how the 1Password service is designed we have a white paper that outlines our security design:

    1Password Security Design White Paper

    I think you'll find we've put a lot of thought into it, and are literally staking our reputation on it. One of the big differences between us and many of the other options is that our security focuses primarily on end-to-end encryption, rather than authentication. Dropbox, for example, does not do this. They have the keys to decrypt any data you're storing with them:

    Like most major online services, we have a small number of employees who must be able to access user data when legally required to do so.

    As they say this is true for most major online services. It is not true of 1Password. Now, in the case of storing 1Password data in Dropbox, there is a layer of encryption that they would not have the keys for. But with 1Password that is a core part of our business. The Secret Key is an amazing tool at protecting you from a successful attack against our infrastructure and even insider attacks. Data that we don't have can't be stolen from us.


  • Thanks for the documents and the explanation. I will read through all of them and after that I will make my decision. :)

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    Glad Ben was able to help! We're here if you have any other questions along the way. Cheers! :)

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