Nitpicking 1Password 7

Love the new version, but two things bug me. First of all. at the top of the screen, under "All Vaults", it says "1 vaults". Plural.

The other issue, which existed in 1P6 and possibly before, is that the Password Generator automatically adds the password to the vault. Sometimes I just want to generate a password for a new login, and have the Chrome extension add the entire login to my vault. Now there's both a login with the password, and the separate password entry in the vault. I have to delete the redundant password, and now my trash is clogged up with useless password items that I can't get rid of without also removing all of the legitimate trash that I may like to keep for reference. Seems like the Generator should prompt me if I'd like to add the password to my vault or not.

Like I said, nitpicking ;)

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  • GregGreg

    Team Member

    Hi @zode,

    Thank you for reaching out and giving 1Password 7 a try! Your feedback is much appreciated. :chuffed:

    1Password 7 for Windows is only the beginning, so it will be polished and the new features will be added in the future. Thank you for noticing that vaults string. It will be fixed.

    As for your second question, when you generate a password with the help of a password generator, it is saved as an item in the Passwords category of your vault. This acts as a safety net, if your Login item is (for some reason) not saved in 1Password afterwards. After that, when you select All Items view in 1Password, you will see those password items alongside your Login items. If you want to avoid it, please select Logins category and you will see your Login items only.

    We do have plans to improve this behaviour in the future, but it takes time. I hope for your understanding.

    Let me know if you have any other questions, I will be happy to answer all of them. Thanks!


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