Slow performance in 1Password 7.2 [7.2.580 update will be out soon, more improvements coming in 7.3]



  • @bundtkate Downgrading to 7.1 seems to have helped. I'll update to 7.3 when it is released.

    Thanks for all that you guys do! :)

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    Likewise, thanks for your support! :chuffed:

  • I have also had very slow performance with Chrome using 1Password for maybe 1-2 months. I have observed this on multiple PCs (using Windows 7 and 10). I see the "we are working behind the scenes" responses from 1Password since July 2018 on this thread. Is there a solution yet?

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    Hi @johnlieu,

    We are getting closer to the update, but I don't have timeframes yet. If you have troubles with performance with 1Password 7.2, please try to downgrade to 7.1 for the time being and let me know if it works better for you. Thanks! :+1:


  • same here. super slow and not usable anymore on Windows when saving and when filling in logins with Firefox.
    how can I perform the 7.1 downgrade?

  • I waited with faith that you guys at agilebits would fix your application for Windows but I can see that there is just no hurry.

    Constant slowness that plagued me since 1Password 4 for Windows. It will never really get fixed will it? You guys don't just underpromise, you underdeliver as well.

    As someone who became a customer from 1Password 2 on the Mac, I am just lost for words at how nasty your app is on Windows. Unusable almost. You update your password on a site, it takes like a minute for the update prompt to show up, TELL ME WHICH USER SITS THERE STARING AT THEIR SCREEN FOR A MINUTE? N-O-B-O-D-Y that's who.

    So as a normal person, I decide your nasty app just glitched again and go about my business, maybe I'm typing an email, when suddenly BAM your password update prompt appears but as I was typing, unfortunately one of the keys was Enter and so I unintentionally confirmed whatever it was on the dialogue without even having a chance to read it. GREAT! Just what I need on an app that manages what is essentially the same as house keys and we all know how great we feel when we lose those RIGHT?

    Seriously, your app is nasty, it sucks, it is pathetic, and I hate it. I've been waiting so long for this to give me basic levels of performance and reliability but the last BETA was ONE MONTH ago. Meanwhile your Mac app sees almost daily beta updates.

    You know what, you deserve this comment because I believed in you, I believed you'd be as good at making Windows apps as you are on the Mac but you disappoint again and again and again. And when you tell people like me "sorry (not sorry) but you can go to a competitor" you have no idea how disrespectful and disgraceful that is, because there are thousands of passwords on the database and there is no way to export in any way that's useful to other apps, no way to export notes, attachments, nothing.

    So please, just please, know your product sucks.

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    @pillepalle: Not something we recommend, but you can download almost any version from our update site:

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    @fcar: As mentioned above, this is a recent thing, not, as you claim, "since 1Password 4 for Windows". If you used any version of the new app prior to the current one (in which we added a lot of new features that we're paying the price for at the moment), you'd know that. And we didn't have betas for the Mac app either for a long time. Development has to happen before we can release anything. That's where we're at now, less than a month after the last update was released. I'm sorry for the inconvenience the current release of 1Password for Windows is causing you in the present, but your words "disrespectful and disgraceful" better describes the rest of your comments than it does any software. Sorry, but no one "deserves" verbal abuse, and this is definitely not a platform for it:

    Forum guidelines

  • @brenty first of all, I did not verbally abuse anybody. You took it personally, that's on you. I am talking about the app, yes your app sucks on Windows, and had you bothered to do your job and read my previous posts on this forum you would have seen that this is far from being a recent issue, I've had issues with your app on Windows ever since your company started selling it. In contrast, I challenge you to find a post of mine that is calling 1Password for Mac the same kind of stuff. That's because as one of your superiors said before, your company was founded as a Mac developer and so the focus will always be there. However, this is not free software and I expect it to work because I paid for it. Also here is a personal criticism to you: your replies always make customers like me feel worse when I haven't done anything to deserve it but to give your business my money. Your colleagues who have way more people skills than you are the ones who better explain issues and manage customer's frustrations, frankly I have no idea what you are doing here. I just want the app to work and be stable, if you really were testing things it wouldn't be at this unusable state as it is - actually I'm exaggerating, it is usable, but just in the same sense that a dripping faucet is: still gives you water, but you'll have to wait forever to fill a cup.

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    @brenty i think @fcar is a bit too harsh on 1Password, but I’ll have to slightly agree with him. I’ve experienced the same slow performance since 1Password 4. Unlocking 1Password 4 hangs for at least 60 seconds. I’ve made a couple of forum posts about 1Password 4 being slow as well. See

    Not saying 1Password sucks. iOS and macOS have been working amazing for me. But I’ve experienced the same issue on Windows for almost 2 years

  • @fcar (and all others) thank you for your honest post. I didn't like reading it because you believe 1Password for Windows sucks and nasty. And I'd like to apologize for it's slow performance with 7.2. As much as I don't like to hear it, it's true, app is slow. I could provide some technical reasons, but honestly, you should not care about reasons, you should expect the better app. Me & my team are working to bring performance back and will publish it as soon as it's safe.

  • @SergeyTheAgile thank you for your considerate response, until the update is released it doesn't fix the problem and does not eliminate the frustration but it acknowledges that there are issues and you're saying you and your team are working to fix it so that's reassuring to hear, hopefully it will be done sooner rather than later. Good luck with the development, I truly wish this app to be as good as the Mac version, I've said many times here that I consider your product the most important application on my devices, it's literally as important as my house keys which is why I feel so strongly about it and I need it to be reliable.

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    @fcar: We're in complete agreement on that. My point was that you're articulate enough to make your point without being rude. It's much more productive for everyone — not just you and me — if we keep things civil. We all want the same thing, after all. Abusive language and personal insults just distract from the core issue: 1Password can be better. We'll keep working on that. Thanks for sharing your experience. Hopefully we'll have a beta for you shortly.

  • thx brenty. But I cannot find Windows Version 7.1 which didn't have the issue. (Only version 4.6 or the most recent)...?

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    Hi @pillepalle,

    You will need to uninstall 7.2 and then download 7.1 from here. Make sure to disable Auto-updates until 7.3 is available.

    Let me know if it helps. Thanks! :+1:


  • Hi @Greg
    way better! Thx!

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    I just upgraded from 1Password 4 to 1Password 7.2xx standalone on Windows 10 Pro box. I'm experiencing extremely slow response time on editing, saving, navigating on sidebar, syncing, etc. I have always been very pleased with your product but I am at a complete workstoppage. Is there an estimated release date for 7.3xx?

    Also, do you have a workaround in the interim?

    SUGGESTION: Need to have some way to force sync/backup in 7.3xx. This feature was available in 1Password 4. I have to say, I really don't like it when there was a feature in a software product that really works good and then deprecated in later releases. I have developed software for many years and that was always my pet peeve with my staff. You've included so many wonderful things in the newer releases but must have substance over form. Pretty won't getcha far in life. ;)

  • @thomastg: I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble after upgrading! As I'd hazard you've read in other replies here, this is a known issue we're working on right now and there's no 100% reliable workaround. For a not insignificant chunk of people, using 7.1 instead has been helpful, but who this impacts and on what version and to what extent does vary somewhat. It's worth a try, certainly, but I cannot promise this will resolve things for you. Greg provided instructions to use 7.1 here.

    As for an ETA, at this point we don't have a good one. I may be repeating some other replies here, but I think it's worth recovering that this is not a small project. We're paying our debts for how quickly 1Password has learned new tricks and that means there are a lot of areas that need some pretty significant attention ranging from startup to sync. The sync changes are the main changes coming in 7.3 and it's just shy of a complete re-do, so not something we can or want to do quickly. This is a core function of the app and we want to make sure it not only resolves existing issues but doesn't create any new ones. The status quo is slow and frustrating and we do understand that, but something that's faster but unreliable would be a step backwards all the same. We'd love to release an update with some (but not all) of this work completed if we can, but that will depend on whether we are able to do that without creating new issues and whether a partial fix even nets meaningful improvement. For now, trying 7.1 is your best bet for some relief, but otherwise you'll have to hang tight and I can at least promise all of us will keep pushing hard to get 7.3 out the door as quick as possible. 🙏

    Regarding manual backup, that feature is coming. I absolutely agree that it stinks to have some features lost, but I'm going to do something I hate a bit and pick on semantics just this once – this feature hasn't strictly been deprecated. 1Password 7 (and 1Password 6 before it) are the culmination of a complete and total rebuild of 1Password 4. We started from scratch and that meant building every feature in 1Password 4 (a years old app) fresh. This is actually something we're really happy about. Tech debt from building on older versions is a very real thing and what we're seeing with the performance problems serves as stark evidence of that. There are certainly advantages to building on an existing foundation, but 1Password 4's code base was just too darned old for us to do that well. These features have never existed in this incarnation of 1Password for Windows, so they weren't deprecated – we just still have some work to do in adding some features folks used with standalone vaults. Everything to do with standalone vaults was built new in 1Password 7. As you might imagine, the performance features are our focus right now, but more robust backups are important and we plan to introduce manual backups and automated restoration of backups in the future. :chuffed:

    As for forced sync, that's something we've been slowly shying away from. I don't know that this decision is set in stone, but our expectation is that sync should be completely and totally reliable and "sync now" implies the expectation that it's not. If it's not, we should fix it, not ask y'all to click a button. When sync isn't working, we want to hear about. You shouldn't need a sync now button and if you do, that's a bug we should fix. Y'all that choose standalone vaults tend to be a technical bunch and not only fond of but well capable of correcting issues on your own, so I know this decision might frustrate you. Our goal in this is not to prevent y'all from solving problems yourselves, but to better ensure we're aware of these problems and fixing them rather than allowing them to fester just because they didn't show up on our machines. If you reach out to us with a sync issue when it first appears, rather than clicking "sync now" repeatedly until your frustration mounts to the point that you reach out days or weeks later, I know you may still be a bit grumpy about it, but we'll be better able to prevent the greater frustration a pervasive issue can lead to and correct the issue sooner for the myriad folks who can't handle in on their own. That said, there are a few things that will always trigger 1Password to sync – a sync will happen when you first unlock after starting the app, when you make a local change to one of your items, and when you make a change to one of your items on another device. :+1:

  • In my two installations of 1PW 7.2, luckily there are no performance issues.

    However, I've found a refresh glitch when emptying the trash:

    • Right-click an item and select "Move to Trash"
    • Now right-click the trash and select "Empty Trash"
    • The item is deleted (on the other synced devices it disappears) but it is still present in the trash until I lock/unlock the app (also deleting another item makes the first disappear from the trash)

    Maybe the new sync engine of v7.3 will fix this... Thanks in advance.

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    Hi @lammoth,

    The performance/threading issues are mostly hardware specific, it doesn't impact everyone the same way but it is not acceptable. We're making sure our future releases are tested with busier CPU or 1-CPU-Core workloads to prevent regressions in performances.

    Your use-case of emptying the trash is related, it is a heavy task that requires syncing in the background and the UI is blocked until the sync is done. This will be improved in 7.3 and future updates as we continue to rebuild the app to be more tolerant and not block the interface when doing background tasks.

  • Hi @bundtkate. Thanks for your replay. Ok, my next question is do I need a different license for 1PW 7.1? I have already purchased 7.2 and don't want to purchase another license.

  • Hi @MikeT,

    I also have the same performance problem (specially during startup) on 2 powerful PC (i7-7700HQ / 32Go RAM / M2 SSD and i7-4700k / 16Go RAM / M2 SSD). It take ages to be able to enter the first password !
    It is really frustrating to have such slow behavior from the app, and this situation for a few month now !!

    Sometimes it is quicker to open the iPhone App and complete it manually ...
    How much time until this problem is solved? weeks? months?

    PS: I am using the latest version (7.2.576) with 2 local vaults.

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    Hi guys,

    @thomastg, no. Your license includes all free minor version updates, meaning versions from 7.0 to 7.99999 are included with your licenses.

    @neoraptor, we don't have a timeframe on when the fix is coming, it won't be months. Try downgrading to 1Password 7.1 to see if it helps, it did for some users with multiple standalone vaults.

    Using two standalone vaults means 1Password will sync both vaults before it updates the UI, so the more vaults you have, the longer it takes. One of the extra changes we're making is bypassing any standalone vaults that didn't change since the last sync. At this moment, 1Password will sync all vaults it has at each startup and after each unlock. The current folder sync code does not say to block the interface until it is done but we later found that some of the other methods we use to update your items did in fact have some blocking calls even when there are zero changes, so we need to rewrite it completely to remove the blocking calls. Unfortunately, it is taking much longer to finish this because it has many dependencies, some of which we also had to rewrite.

    The first beta of 1Password 7.3 is going to have massive improvements for the Folder Sync but I'm not going to list them just yet because it is ongoing.

  • Really glad to come back to this thread and see all the support team/developers chiming in to give us an explanation of why things suck at the moment and what we can expect going forward. Faith restored... hopefully the forthcoming updates will fix these annoying issues once and for all so I can be as happy with it on Windows as I am on the Mac.

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    I really hope this is fixed soon on Windows. I tried downgrading which barely helped. It's completely unusable. I recorded a video and emailed it to Support. Please fix this ASAP. I have no clue what happened but 1pass went from working perfectly to taking 5 minutes to open every damn time. Please test your releases more thoroughly! I use 1pass for personal and business and rely on it extensively. No issues with my system which is very fast and task manager shows no bottleneck (i7 8700k, 16gb DDR4, Geforce 1080ti, SSD with plenty of space, etc)

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    Hi guys,

    @fcar, thanks for your patience and understanding.

    @mzaurov, it looks like our team is replying already to your email. We do test our releases but this is one of the few times where that it does not affect everyone and has hardware-specific factors. In your case, it is something else that's not related to the sync+unlock here, it is something else that triggers the same threading bug here.

  • Thanks @MikeT for your response. I did downgrade to 1PW 7.1 and performance is stable.

  • I'm having the exact same issues demoed in the video, plus some ramdom flickering on the 1Password items list page. In my case, the waiting can be between 20 seconds and several minutes for the 1Password application to respond. That is basically not acceptable, it is way faster to store the credentials in plain text on an encrypted note on iCloud. It has been some weeks now that we have been suffering those frustrating issues and still no update has been released to address them. We, and by we I mean your paying customers, deserve better than this and in a situation like this one I would expect either a fast fix or a quick downgrade to a previous version to allow us to continue working while you figure out what is happening. Btw. I'm also in doomed version 7.2.756 with Chrome 68.0.3440.106, but the same problem happens with any other browser and with the 1Password application itself.

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