ALL Attachments are NOT SHOWN in MacOS and Windows but are present in IOS client!


I was doing more activations and checking on my new 1Password 7 clients and I clicked on an older Secure Note (made in 2015). It was missing ALL it's attachments...I nearly freaked out (they are PDFs of various transaction confirmations). The typed in text was still in the note. The attachment section is totally empty. I went into IOS...attachments are there...and open just fine! Both Windows and MacOS 1Password 7 shows NO ATTACHMEMTS. IOS works fine.

I already pruned some records and syncing has been working fine between IOS, MacOS, and Windows installations so far.

Then I checked more, I can confirm that ALL my software license records that had/have attachments are the same. IOS see attached license PDF confirmation and pictures of COAs. MacOS and Windows attachments...but has the button to add them in edit mode.

So I'm missing ALL my attachments in MacOS and Windows 1Password 7 clients.

This is pretty serious...thank goodness the info was not removed...but now the PC clients claim I CAN ADD attachments...but doesn't show what's already there.

What should I to correct this, or is this a known bug that's already being looked into? I normally save PDFs of emails related to purchases in attachments in software license and secure notes. Why is this happening?

1Password Version: 7.0.3
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: MacOS 10.13.4, Windows 10 1803
Sync Type: DropBox


  • brentybrenty

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    @weblacky: I'm glad you brought this up. Attachments are definitely working in 1Password or Mac and 1Password or Windows for me. You had me worried, so I just double checked. Based on the long list of problems you seem to have, many of which are unique as far as I can tell, I wonder if there's a deeper issue. When you say "ALL Attachments are NOT SHOWN", what _is_shown? What exactly is happening when you try to view them? Are you getting an error message? Thanks in advance!

  • Hi,
    As I mentioned, every attachment is gone from view, but all text field info is there. Edit claims I can add attachments (as if none are there). I've just gone ahead and did a legacy keychain restore to a separate new vault. ALL the attachments are showing in that restored vault. So I lost attachment viewing, either during keychain upgrade to Opvault...or during my merge in 1password 7 diff from partial upgrade (first post). Since all my attachments appear to be back if I do a full delete of my dropbox vault, and recreate an empty vault, then do a restore of my legacy keychain .... I have done just that. I saved the three records I've created since in a third local vault. Restored my entire legacy keychain into the program in clean dropbox vault, deleted the 1 duplicate that will conflict with my keepers (third) vault. Then opened the third vault and did a copy of the three new records. Aside from the restore tags now on all my data. I'm now seeing everything. I've now attempting to resync all clients to check....I'll get back to you!

  • wow, OK things are getting worse and weird. I'm getting the same issue I got when my vault was migrated! When I make a new dropbox vault, then restore my legacy key chain into it. The 1Password 7 MacOS client claims it's all there. I point sync to dropbox and it goes. then claims it's done. Every client I connect to it claims I have 19 items's supposed to be nearly 398. Same issue I complained about in my first post! So here's a biggy. My restored items aren't saving correctly now, and then. The merge before must have caused this loss of my attachments. But I guess I have the same issue. All I want to do is restore my dropbox vault, but I guess it's not working no because only a few item show up in other clients.

  • OK,
    After removing my Dropbox vault file, reseting all clients (windows is very sneaky in finding the removal), and using MacOS to create a new DropBox Vault...3 times in a row, finally, my full item listing from legacychain restoration is now appearing in my Windows client, my IOS client, and the MacOS client (they agree with one another). I checked the attachments I was missing, they are showing up now in all clients and can be viewed (opened). Still don't understand the partial creation/conversion, but things look better now. I'll need to re-setup all my clients to check for any inconsistencies.

  • OK, after doing a complete data reset on another Mac client and setting up the new dropbox vault. Things are still agreeing (correct numbers, correct attachments). I still need to reset 3 windows machines, but things look resolved. So keychain to OpVault conversion was source of my issues. Thank goodness you left the keychain in my dropbox (else I'd have to fish out my install backups) and still allow import from that data source.

  • brentybrenty

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    @weblacky: Dropbox can definitely be weird when setting it up at first, as it throttles the sync. So it will appear to be done and then continue later on. I'm sorry for the trouble you had, but glad you were able to work through it. Was this a very old AgileKeychain vault? There may be some older differences which the conversion had some trouble with. I know that there were some changes we made over the decade it was in use to accommodate things like custom fields and sections.

  • weblackyweblacky
    edited June 2018

    Well, it's all back to erroring again on new clients. Things were working Ok for the past couples weeks. Now we're back to this, 395 items for IOS and All my macs (syning works on new items). 23 items only in all new clients. But everything's now having the same problem. Windows Client on four machines now unusable...any new client joining (macOS and Windows), sees a fraction of my items.

    Looks like one of the clients is damaging my vault. This is happening repeatedly. I did an export and will now proceed to log into dropbox and delete the 1Password Opvault at the source, then restore it from a backup in Mac. Then repoint everyone. I keep having to do this, why am I getting a damaged vault so often. This never happened under the old 4+6 keychain format?

    Passwords are too important to be doing this stuff.

  • brentybrenty

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    @weblacky: Yeah that doesn't makes sense. You should be able to login to the Dropbox website and see which device is syncing changes to the data. That should help you pinpoint the cause. The only time I've seen anything like this is with sync conflicts, and the more extreme cases have been due to time/date/zone discrepancies between devices. Those can really throw Dropbox off when trying to reconcile changes across devices.

  • I have just upgraded from standalone 1Password Windows 4 to standalone 1Password Windows 7. Attachment are missing in the Windows client but continue to be visible on the iPad and iPhone apps.
    Looking at this thread, it seems something happened for the Windows client in the conversion to Opvault from keychain format.

    Is this the case? What is the fix?

  • brentybrenty

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    @Espreon: I'm not sure I understand. 1Password for Windows definitely supports attachments for local vaults. Are you maybe using a membership subscription account instead? In that case you'd have Documents, which are separate items for files. It would help to know what version you're using, and how you've set it up.

  • Brenty:
    Using Windows ver 7.3.657.
    PC at home and work both using same version.
    I now find home PC does have attachments within ver 7.3.657 - but work PC does not. Both clients are syncing to the same dropbox OPvault file.
    Does this mean I should reinstall the ver 7.3.657 on the work PC?

  • Brenty:
    The first client installed was the home PC.
    The work PC was installed some days later.

  • Yes: I imagine I have a sync issue with Dropbox. The work PC has not captured the complete OPvault from Dropbox at the time of installation. Is that possible? The home PC and OIS devices are all correct. It is this last PC install which is out.

  • brentybrenty

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    It's entirely possible that there's some issue with Dropbox thinking it's sync'd all of the files when it has not, but that's not something we'll have any insight into or control over. This guide can help you narrow down the cause though:

    If you’re having trouble syncing with Dropbox

    Do you have multiple vaults/accounts setup in 1Password on one or more of your devices?

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