1Password ⌘ \ keyboard shortcut in 3rd party apps [intentional, but can be worked around]



  • I've also been bitten by this, since I've used 1password since 2011 and atom since 2014 the sudden clash of common key combinations has really thrown me for a loop.

    That said, it seems to be an intractable issue for 1password, so I've opted for cmd+shift+/ in 1password (changing 1password is much more tenable than changing everything else).

    I might recommend that to others as well, since it's an OSX shortcut for jumping to the "Help" search box for all apps, which I know I've never used as a shortcut in my life and probably people using code editors don't use much either.

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    @elliotcm - obviously, everyone's workflow is different, but at the end of the day, we have to use something as a shortcut. We've got millions of users who've trained themselves over the years to use ⌘\ and as a result, now that it's a global shortcut, we decided against changing it to something else, as that would require a change of behavior (plus attendant problems) from everyone. Leaving it as-is affects only those who were simultaneously using the same shortcut in other apps. Not saying it isn't a problem for those of you who WERE, only that it's a far smaller number than "everyone." Thanks for the suggestion for other users; glad it works for you! :)

  • I know I'm late to the party (it took a while to update to a version of OS X which supported 1Password 7) but I am also in the same boat. I have read this and the other thread on the issue and I follow and understand the rationale. I will probably just change the 1Password shortcut at the end of the day. That having been said, the TextExpander inspired option for a whitelist or blacklist of apps for the global shortcut is exactly what I looked for in the settings before I ended up in the forums, and would be the preferred solution for me. I see a few users have signed up for a forum account just to share this feedback so I know there are at least a handful of people who feel pretty strongly about this. Seems like the ship has sailed on this but I'll throw it out there anyways.

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    Welcome to the forum, @jondooger! Thanks for taking the time to create an account and weigh in on this. It's not so much that the ship has sailed as it is that this is the way things are currently. That's not at all to say that it couldn't change in the future, but right now, this is the way things are. And to add a whitelist/blacklist function for this would be a certain amount of work for the dev team. So, like everything else, we have to weigh several important questions, like: how MUCH time would it take? What else do we have on our plate, and what is the relative importance of these issues? How many people would it affect? How many want it? Are there any security concerns? These and a number of other factors all weigh into whether - or how quickly - something gets addressed. You're correct that there appears to be a handful of people who'd really like this...and we're not opposed to the idea either. But as of today other priorities have taken precedence, with the result being that I'd estimate this one remains firmly in the "someday, maybe" category. I can tell you what won't be happening: we won't be changing the default keyboard command for any of the primary functions (the three you can see in Preferences > General - Lock, show 1Password and fill). There are too many 1Password users out there who have gotten used to those over too long a time for us to make any global changes to those commands without a really compelling reason. We offer users the ability to change them themselves, if they prefer, but we aren't going to make every 1Password user learn a new trick in that regard. But we may wind up adding something like what you're suggesting, and I'll add your voice to those in favor of it. Thanks again for taking the time to let us know! :)

  • No response needed, all the pro and con points have already been stated, as have the very real issues around prioritizing features and engineering time. (I'm in software dev myself.) But I'll add my vote to the "pro" count for implementing an app blacklist for the global shortcut. In my particular case, it's a conflict with the Hard Wrap shortcut in BBEdit.

    Thanks for an awesome password manager.

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    @machale - thanks for the kind words and registering your wishes on this one. :)

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