🎉 1Password 7.1 Beta 1/RC for Windows is here with Watchtower 2.0!

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Hey folks,

We have a new build for you to try out, 1Password 7.1 with Watchtower 2.0. Watchtower 2.0 is just awesome, go check it out or if you want to learn more, read our blog post here.

There are a few known issues with Watchtower 2.0 that will be addressed in the near future:

  1. If you enable the feature for Vulnerable Passwords (HaveIBeenPwned.com), you may notice during its scan, it may push back your scrolling a bit as it checks each item. {OPW-2277}
  2. You may notice mismatch item counts for Weak Passwords between 1Password 7.1 for Windows and other 1Password apps including 1Password.com web app, this is due to an outdated password strength calculation method. This will be fixed soon. {OPW-865}
  3. The make https feature is not yet implemented for the Unsecured websites items. {OPW-2278}


[NEW] Watchtower 2.0 is now available and you can find the new Watchtower settings in 1Password Settings or you can enable specific Watchtower feature within the item lists for each Watchtower feature. {OPW-2097, OPW-983}
[NEW] Lock 1Password anytime and anywhere with a keyboard shortcut, Windows key + Shift + L. {OPW-645}
[NEW] Find all nested items that belongs to the same main tag by using asterisk after / such as Versions/ or Versions/Win in the search field.
[IMPROVED] Fresh set of translation updates.
[IMPROVED] Syncing standalone vaults via Dropbox client on PC should be more reliable. We've changed how we've updated vault files to prevent conflicts and inconsistent item updates due to Dropbox locking files. {OPW}
[FIXED] 1Password mini would sometime show previously selected items when switching between different apps. {OPW-2267}
[FIXED] 1Password mini sometime shows the vault list instead of Logins by default. {OPW-2235}
[FIXED] Reverted the behavior of showing last used item in 1Password mini when switching between browser tabs that matches the same domain. {OPW-2267}
[FIXED] Fixed missing accessibility labels on the Lock and Windows Hello buttons via the Lock view. Also, the vault selector button didn't have a label. {OPW-2255}]
[FIXED] 1Password mini tabs didn't announce itself as part of a tab list. {OPW-2255}
[FIXED] 1Password may crash if proxy server address was entered with paths included. {OPW-2261}
[FIXED] Fixed a few crashes reported by our customers via the crash report submissions, thank you! {OPW-2274}


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    We've shipped the RC1 build just now, it's mostly polishing the Watchtower 2.0 experience:

    [IMPROVED] Added a "Learn more" link about the Vulnerable Password feature in Watchtower 2.0.
    [IMPROVED] Updated Watchtower icon in the item lists and improved the wordings for each Watchtower feature. Also adjusted the wordings for when you have no items that is affected in each Watchtower feature.
    [FIXED] Added additional workarounds for Microsoft Edge issues on Windows 10 April 2018 update. Note this depends on an upcoming 1Password for Edge extension update.

    Unfortunately, it does come with a regression for those of you on Windows 10 Insider Builds, the 1Password for Edge extension can crash often. We're working on a solution.

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    When editing an item in the new Watchtower list, for example in the "Unsecured Website" category, once you have changed the URL to https and hit save, you immediately get thrown into the "Logins" category down below.
    Expected behavior would be: Save the item, stay in the category "Unsecured Websites" and the list is updated to not include the just saved item.

    /edit: This is true for all items for the new Watchtower categories; it throws you out into the "Logins" one.

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    Hi @Moritz_,

    Thanks for reporting that, it is a known limitation that will be addressed in a future update. It is not related to Watchtower, it is any time you're editing an item while not in its primary category list.

    For an example, editing a Login item in Favorites would throw you out as well.

    This is a deeper level issue but we'll fix that soon.

  • Ahh gotcha!

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    We've released 1Password 7.1 for everyone now. I'm going to close this one as archived, so we can start working on 7.1.x or 7.2 next.

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