Using 1Password with password+generated token

I have some sites for work that authenticate me using a password and a generated token (generated by a yubikey). Is it possible for 1Password to enter the password and wait for me to send the generated token (using my yubikey token) before submitting?

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  • Greetings @Shadowen,

    As well as the global submit after filling option, each Login item has it's own submit option as well to allow you to adjust the behaviour on a per Login item basis. If you edit the Login item you should see a submit option with the default setting of Submit when enabled. If you change this to Never submit it will let you add the generated token and then you can manually submit whilst allow the automated submit when enabled for all of your other Login items. Does that help?

  • ShadowenShadowen
    edited June 2018

    Hello @littlebobbytables,

    That did the trick.


  • Happy I could help :smile:

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