1password7 can't save or fill in Vivaldi

I was using 1password6 with Vivaldi with no issues. Saving new passwords and filling in new passwords worked fine.
Now, using 1password7 with Vivaldi, I can not save new passwords or fill existing.

Now, when I use the "cmd-\" , the one password mini pops up.
If I right click in the password entry and select 1password7, the correct password shows up, but it doesn't auto fill.
I have to go to the user name and password, the copy and paste each one

I have done the steps the web page has suggested. https://support.1password.com/kb/201707/
Remember, it worked in 1password6
I could use some help.

1Password Version: 7.0.4
Extension Version:
OS Version: 10.13.5
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • Hello @johntighi,

    Can you see if the following corrects things.

    1. Open a Finder window and select the menu option Go > Go to Folder....
    2. In the dialog that pops up copy and paste in the following path and click the "Go" button. The path to paste is: ~/Library/Application Support/Vivaldi/
    3. In there do you see a folder titled NativeMessagingHosts? If you do, is there a file inside of that folder titled 2bua8c4s2c.com.agilebits.1password.json?

    If the answer to 3 is yes for both parts, Vivaldi does have a folder titled NativeMessagingHosts with JSON file from AgileBits can you:

    1. Quit Vivaldi if running.
    2. Drag the entire NativeMessagingHosts folder to your Desktop.
    3. Launch Vivaldi and attempt to use the extension.

    By default Vivaldi won't have that folder but for a small period of time we were having to instruct Vivaldi users to create the folder as Vivaldi didn't use the Chrome one. Vivaldi now does but that behaviour can be overridden by the presence of that folder and 1Password is probably picking up an isolated copy of the older JSON. Once you confirm everything is good you can move the NativeMessagingHosts folder on your Desktop to the Trash.

    If that doesn't see things working properly please let me know. Vivaldi holds a special place in my heart so I want to see it work for you.

  • This fixed vivaldi. Thank you

  • croldhamcroldham Junior Member

    Thank you! This also fixed my Vivaldi (1.16.1230.3). The "Get Help" page doesn't mention looking for the NativeMessagingHosts folder in the Vivaldi directory. Moving it from there and restarting the browser and 1Password cleared this up.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @croldham - excellent news! I'm glad to hear littlebobbytables' advice worked for you as well. :)

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