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I've started to use 1password with Vivalidi on windows 10 with the browser extension. There seem to be a problem with the google account login pages as I cannot save anything in 1password nor can I use login information I saved previously using chrome.

Here is a screenshot of the login window :

As you can see the login information is available but I cannot click on either of them (the mouse is over the entry but it doesn't change to blue and when I click the login list disappear and nothing happens).

I can copy/paste from the application so it's not such a big deal but still it's a bit frustrating.

Do you have any idea ?

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: 1.7.3
OS Version: Windows 10
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • daltondalton

    Team Member

    Welcome to the forum, @scmouette! Thanks for letting us know about the behavior you're seeing here. I was able to reproduce the issue using the latest version of 1Password X in Vivaldi on macOS. It appears that Google is displaying their old sign-in page here, which 1Password X doesn't seem to be playing nice with. We'll look into it and see if there's anything we can do to improve how 1Password X behaves, but in the meantime, you should find that filling from the popup still works as intended. That will at least help you avoid copy/pasting. 🙂

    ref: b5x-479

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